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Key advantages of family travel insurance

We cherish vacation with our family members like no other and rightly so, it is this one group with which we are comfortable and at ease the most. Spending time with family away from home is in itself an exhilarating experience whose memories linger on for a long time. With so much happiness at stake we undertake the task of meticulous planning and this is where the advantages of travel insurance make it an Indispensable component of the overall process.

Family travel insurance covers the insured as well his / her spouse along with children. It is also known as the family floater travel insurance policy.

Some of the key advantages of family Travel Insurance include the following:

  • Family travel insurance policy covers the entire family with a single policy document for the medical expenses such as dental expenses, hospital stay costs, medical procedures expenses and the expenses for the emergency evacuation and repatriation of the insured family.
  • It provides round the clock guidance to the insured in case of loss of important documents such as passport.
  • Loss or delay of baggage is covered through financial assistance. Lost baggage cannot be returned but distress caused is reduced due to coverage.
  • Accidental death of an insured family member qualifies for a fixed amount of money as compensation from the insurer.
  • cases where the accident may result in permanent disability like loss of limbs or loss of eye sight etc. of any of the family member who is insured under the policy, the insured will be given a fixed compensation amount.
  • Delay of flight that may result in financial losses is covered. Compensation is paid if the flight is delayed for more than 12 hours.
  • Highjack distress allowance is paid to the insured in the event of the high jacking of their mode of transport while on the said journey.

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