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4 Benefits of Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

On one hand, travel may mean visiting a number of fascinating and exciting places and experiencing different cultures. However, on the other hand, it means facing different travel-related health conditions that may end up being too costly for you. Anyone who has been in this boat will vouch for the importance of travel insurance. This type of insurance covers any medical or hospitalization costs you incur while travelling.

However, if you are someone who travel very often, then buying a travel insurance plan for every trip may get cumbersome. In this case, purchasing a multi-trip travel insurance policy is a good idea. Wondering what is this? We’re here to tell you just that.

Travel insurance for multiple trips offers you coverage for more than one trip in a single year; thus, saving you from the hassle of getting yourself fresh insurance each time you travel. The following is covered by a multi-trip travel insurance plan:

  • Medical costs

    This kind of insurance safeguards your finances by covering any medical expenses you or your family member's may incur while travelling. In fact, multi-trip worldwide travel insurance also covers emergency evacuation costs from the destination of travel to your home country, on medical grounds.

  • Cancellation costs

    Such an insurance policy covers any costs incurred due to a last minute trip cancellation. This includes pre-booked flight tickets as well as hotel bookings and other excursions.

  • Personal liability costs

    The costs of loss caused to a third party are covered by a travel insurance plan. This is especially useful for people travelling with kids, as kids are curious by nature. And sometimes, their curiosity may cause damage to a third party.

  • Baggage loss costs

    If you happen to lose your luggage during your travels, multi-trip travel insurance covers the costs. It also covers costs incurred to apply for a duplicate passport, in case you misplace your original one while travelling.

    Apart from the coverage it offers, a travel insurance plan for multiple trips has three major benefits. These are:

  • It is cost effective

    Travel insurance for multiple trips saves you money as well as the hassle of buying insurance each time you travel. The duration of this type of insurance is generally 30 days at a stretch per trip, but some insurers provide you multi-trip travel insurance for 90 days, 60 days, and 45 days, as well

  • Good for last minute preparedness

    This form of travel insurance keeps you well prepared for any unplanned trips that may pop up.

  • Useful for business travellers

    If your work entails a lot of travel, a multi-trip travel insurance policy is the perfect kind of insurance to go with, as it results in big savings.

If frequent travel is on the cards for you, nothing will keep you better prepared than a hassle-free comprehensive multi-trip travel insurance, which saves your time, energy and resources, all in one go.

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