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Particulars covered in travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance caters to individuals who want to safeguard their overseas and inland trips with an insurance coverage plan. This is considered as the one of the best, prudent and wise ways to mitigate financial risk in the event of any unfortunate incident.

Travel Insurance Policies covers and protects you against health risk while you are on the go. It has medical as well as travel risk coverage combined together . For instance, it provides hospitalization coverage in the event of an emergency hospitalization in a foreign country and also provides evacuation provision to transport you back to your home country. The former can be ascribed to the medical aspect of the policy while the latter can be attributed to the travel aspect.

A typical travel medical insurance will have the following core coverage:

Coverage against accidents

Coverage against sudden illness

Coverage against emergencies (loss of belonging and delays in schedule)

Moreover, overseas travel medical insurance also provides for compensation in the event of dismemberment or accidental death during the trips. However, there are certain exclusions to this feature like people engaging in adventurous sports are exempted from receiving the benefit. Nowadays many insurance companies have started offering the cover for this as well by charging an extra premium.

All travel insurance holders are covered round the clock on their trip and the coverage span begins the moment the insured embark on the said journey. One must however be cognizant of the fact that apart from the itinerary specified, if the insured person digresses from the continuity of the trip then it will not be covered by the travel medical insurance provider.

Some occurrence that are not covered by travel health insurance:

Attempt at self-destruction i.e. suicide



Nervous and mental problems, etc.

Apart from this, the conditions specified by the insurance provider in the policy document must be met satisfactorily in order to be able to claim the benefits. One must therefore be cognizant of the above mentioned facts regarding travel insurance, as these are of critical importance and will help the individual a long way in the process of selecting the policy as well as while making claims .

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