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Homecare Tips For All Seasons

Our homes are our most prized possessions. For most of us, it is our biggest investment, financially as well as emotionally. It’s little wonder then that we spend a considerable amount of time and energy on maintaining it and protecting it from the ravages of time and nature. Be it the harsh summer, cold winter or flooded monsoons, different seasons damage our homes in different ways. However, with adequate preventive measures, we can reduce, if not eliminate the effects of heat, cold and moisture.

Summer Homecare Tips

  • Use protective exterior paint if you are staying in an independent house.
  • Before the sweltering heat sets in, get your air-conditioners serviced and filters changed. This will result in massive power saving and faster cooling.
  • Limit the use of too many lights or heat generating appliances. These heat up the home even more.
  • Heat tends to gush in through windows. Keep the windows closed to keep the heat out. Use black outs (heavy curtains) when the sunlight is direct. This will help keep the house cool.
  • If necessary, use sealants in windows to prevent warm air from flowing in and to ensure that the room remains cool.
  • Try cooking during early mornings and late evenings when the weather is relatively cooler. Use an exhaust or a chimney to flush out the hot air and prevent build-up of soot and grime.

Monsoon Homecare Tips

  • Keep a constant check on roofs and terraces and repair any cracks immediately in preparation for monsoons.
  • Waterproofing of terraces will go a long way in maintaining your home and your mental peace.
  • Monsoons cause wooden doors and floors to swell up, sokeep them well-polished and dry.
  • Moisture build up in the house not only causes an unpleasant musty odour in the house, but also damages clothes and leather products irreparably. Try placing camphor, neem leaves or off-the-shelf dehumidifiers. This will protect your clothes and prevent peeling of bags and footwear. A dehumidifier in the house will absorb extra moisture and keep the house fresh.
  • Iron grills tend to rust during monsoons. Ensure that these are painted before the onset of rains and are cleaned regularly.
  • Monsoons are the time for various insects and flies to breed. Keep your house clean and dry all the time. Get your house disinfested if necessary.

Winter Homecare Tips

  • Check roofs and drains before winter sets in, especially if you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall, snowfall or frost during winters. Roofs should be sealed and gutters thoroughly cleaned and checked for ice build-up.
  • Gaps in windows should be sealed properly to prevent drafts of cold air seeping into the house.
  • Heaters and Geysers should be checked and serviced before winter to ensure maximum efficiency and fuel-savings.
  • Make your house eco-friendly by installing solar panels and using solar energy for heating and cooking rather than petroleum products. This will result in incredible amount of power saving and at the same time will reduce your carbon foot-print.
  • Keep the curtains drawn away and allow natural sunlight, where available, to heat the rooms during the day.


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