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Get The Best Home Insurance In India, Tailor Made For You

If you happen to Google “home insurance”, it is highly likely that you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of results that Google throws at you. At the outset, everybody claims to offer the cheapest and best home insurance policy in India but there is a key element in all of this that goes unnoticed – It’s you!

Very few companies take the trouble to pay close attention to what kind of home you live in and the very specific requirements for home insurance that come with it.  The folks at HDFC ERGO recognize this and strive to put the ‘U’ in insurance!

Types of home insurance

To determine what could be the best home insurance policy for you, it is important to know what all can be covered under home insurance Standard Fire and Special Perils policy: Covers the insured home against losses and damages due to natural calamities like fires, lightning, storms, landslides, floods, earthquake and other risks like explosion/implosions, riots, strikes and malicious damages.

  • Theft & Burglary cover: These policies cover theft, larceny and burglary of contents from the insured premises.
  • Appliance Breakdown cover: Covers unforeseen physical damage triggered due to Fire and allied perils.

What makes the best home insurance policy?

There are a few factors you must consider seriously while buying home insurance to ensure that it is the best fit for you. Your home comes with a unique set of requirements that is very different from your neighbour’s and so tailoring your home insurance plan to suit those needs becomes top priority.

  • Coverage against unique risks: There are risks that can be unique to your location. If your home is located in a low-lying area, it definitely needs to be protected against the risk of flooding. If you happen to live in an area that is notorious for robbery and thieving, it would be wise to get a theft and burglary cover. 
  • Riders that can reduce premium: If your house has CCTV surveillance, 24x7 monitoring of entry and exit and any other security measure, this will be factored in while calculating your premium for the burglary cover resulting in reduced premium. It is best to declare this up-front while buying insurance.
  • Financial Rating of insurance provider: It is preferable to do some research to determine the financial rating of the provider to get an idea of their claim settlement capability.
  • Tenure of the policy: Higher the tenure, more attractive the policy! HDFC ERGO offers 5 year long term covers for home owners.

Considering each of the factors mentioned, HDFC ERGO emerges as the best home insurance provider with its impeccable claim settlement history, customer focus and 24x7 customer support!

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