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Importance of Home Insurance Policy comparison

For most Indians, owning a home is one of their dear aspirations. They work extra hours, save money, and take home loans to be able to realise that dream. When one puts so much effort in the acquisition, one must also care for it. Therefore, it’s only prudent to add an extra layer of protection to the house and getting a home insurance policy is the best way to accomplish this. Even tenants are advised to get suitable insurance to protect the contents of their home. Let’s discuss more about its importance and why one should do thorough research before zeroing in on the insurance provider.

Why is home insurance important?

Buying HOME INSURANCE is an intelligent call simply because it’s nothing short of an investment. Owing to the country’s diverse climatic regions, residents in different parts face nature’s fury in the form of cyclones, tsunamis, landslides, floods, earthquakes and many others. Then, there are man-made disasters like fires, theft, robbery, riots, strikes, etc. that often spread mayhem. Not only do these natural calamities and man-made disasters take a massive toll on lives, but also destroy homes. Considering these risks, an adequate cover for home and expensive assets i essential as it takes away your financial stress in case of any unfortunate event.

Benefits of online comparison

Coverage of home insurance can include just the damage to the structure or the structure along with the contents of the home, depending on what the policyholder wishes for. This is why, the cost of the policy varies according to what the policyholder wants to insure. The insuranceprovider makes an estimate of the current market value of the structure and its contents and quotes the price of the insurance policy. Now, different policy providers have distinct parameters to assess the premium. And so, it’s important to compare the offer given by different providers before making the final call. Here’s why you should do it online:

It saves you a great deal of time and energy.

You can get quotes on the premium and also learn about installments and durations, all for free.

Most insurance companies have a user-friendly interface that allows the visitor to navigate smoothly through the pages. There are FAQs that answer most of your questions and if you still find it confusing, most insurers have live chat assistance in place to help you through the process.

The icing on the cake is that online policies are cheaper than offline plans because insurance companies are able to cut down on agents’ commissions.

Lastly, it is absolutely secure way of buying insurance and all your data remains confidential.

Reason for comparisons

Comparison gives you the power to choose. When you research about different offers, you are more likely to come across a policy that suits both your budget and needs. You can also leverage big discounts offered by the companies. You learn about inclusions and exclusions that are often overlooked because of being in the fine print. Lastly, comparing helps you reach the conclusion without your judgment being clouded by what insurance agents say.


It takes a lifetime to build a house and fill it with handpicked knick-knacks that give it your personality. But your home and its contents may get damaged when natural or man-made disasters hit. A home insurance policy provides a shield to protect your home by saving you from the expenses of rebuilding a home. However, it’s equally important to compare the policies offered by different providers to choose the one that gets you the maximum benefits. Going online helps in better assessment as it is both convenient and more conclusive.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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