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Should You Buy a Separate Insurance Policy For Your Parents?

Our very existence on this universe is because of our parents, their world revolves around us. They’ve taken all the hardships in life to bring us up and make us whatever we are today. Unarguably, after a certain age they grow old and need our assistance to lead life. Most of the time their health is our major concern, due to low immunity they frequently suffer from ailments. Ensuring quality and quick medical assistance is a must. To ensure growing medical expenses and keep your parents protected always buy HDFC ERGO Health Insurance for Parents.

Medical insurance for aged parents in India

Thanks to the development in medical science, many surgeries and treatments can be easily executed without many complexities. However, quick treatment and high end machinery has also led to higher treatment expenses. Looking at the growing demand for medical insurance for elderly parents in India, HDFC ERGO has got two plans to cater to the needs of your parents.

Know more about Health Suraksha

You can easily buy a health insurance policy and insure both mother and father under one plan. Do not procrastinate from buying health insurance for old parents in India. It’s advisable to buy on individual Sum Insured basis where in each of your parent can take the advantage of the Sum Insured.

In case they already have an existing health insurance policy you can always buy a my:health medisure super top up for an enhanced cover at lower premium.

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Growing number of cancer and dreadful diseases

These days Cancer, heart attack and other dreadful diseases which lead to major organ transplantation are pretty common. To give your parents an essential cover against major critical illness policy it’s advisable to buy Critical Illness cover and protect them against major ailments. You can also alternatively opt for health insurance plan like my:health medisure classic, where Sum Insured doubles up on diagnosis of any of the listed critical illnesses, without the need to buy another policy.

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