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Questions to ask when buying health insurance

Demystifying health insurance plan is imperative. While you fix up your mind to buy a health insurance plan you have several questions in mind. Let’s see what the commonly asked questions about health insurance are.

1. Why do I need health insurance?

With the development in technology, treatments and the availability of more effective medicines the cost of healthcare has steeply increased. All this increase ends up being a burden for the consumers, making healthcare unaffordable for many. This is where HDFC ERGO’s health insurance policies come into play, as they take care of the hospitalization and treatment charges, leaving the consumer free of financial woes.

2. What are the benefits of having a health insurance policy?

Having a health insurance policy covers expenses incurred due to hospitalization. This includes in-patient treatments, pre and post hospitalization charges, day care procedures, domiciliary treatments, etc.

3. Is it possible to apply for the policy online?

All HDFC ERGO Insurance Plans are available online for purchase via various online payment options. Simply take our online journey for the product that suits you best & buy with just a few clicks.

4. How can I get a new member added to my existing family floater?

You need to fill a health declaration and an endorsement form and the new member will be added to your existing family floater at an additional amount.

5. Can I change the hospital during the course of treatment?

Yes, if needed you can change the hospital during the treatment. However, you might need to provide necessary information for a smooth claim process

6. Can I take policy for my kid who is 3 years old?

You cannot take an independent policy for a 3 year old. Children below 5 years are covered only when both the parents are covered under the policy

7. Is the coverage worldwide?

In certain conditions you might be eligible for reimbursement of overseas treatment, such as pre-diagnosed planned hospitalization, outpatient treatment, and second opinion in case of sudden illness while travelling.

8. Does my policy covers diagnostic charges?

Most pre hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses (up to 60 days) are covered under the policy, such as X - rays, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound nursing, physicians, medicines, other diagnostic needs. After successful completion of 4 claim-free years, you are eligible for free health check-up as well. This is subject to no medical adversities.

9. Can I cancel my policy mid-duration?

Most insurance plans have a 15 day cooling off period called as free-look period during which you can cancel your policy with full refund of premium. However, in case you wish to cancel the policy mid-term then you need to provide a suitable reason for cancellation. Premium refund is subject to nil claims & as per the refund chart mentioned in the policy wordings.


10. What happens if the primary insured passes away?

In case of the death of primary insurer, the other adult person may continue with the policy and the sum insured will remain the same.

11. Should I buy a Health Insurance Plan for Parents?

With growing age, our parent’s immunity slows down leading to medical issues; their requirement is lot more as compared to others. Health insurance provides financial assistance to ensure that they receive timely treatment and the best medical attention for their growing age.

12. Does Medical Insurance For Parents Gives Tax Benefit?

The premium paid towards health insurance policies for your parents qualifies for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The maximum amount for tax savings is capped at ^^Rs 75,000.

13. My parents are having diabetes/hypertension can I buy this policy for them?

Yes. We at HDFC ERGO cover your parents if they have hypertension or Diabetes provided their control parametres are in acceptable limits. There would be a waiting periods of 3-4 years depending upon the plan chosen.

14. Are there any age limits?

There’s no entry age restriction on HDFC ERGO parents insurance and they can also enjoy lifetime renewability. However, our underwriting team may advise certain tests before issuing the policy.

15. Are there any medical tests that my Parents would have to go through?

Pre-policy health check-up depends on the plan opted and pre-existing disease, if any.

16. Can I cover my parents in family insurance?

No. Family insurance only covers 2 adult and 2 children. You need to buy a separate insurance policy for parents.

17. Is there any diseases restriction for parents?

There is no disease specific restriction in HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plans.

18. What is the procedure to get a claim in case if I get Hospitalized?

Register your claim within 7 days of hospitalization and send us a duly signed claim form along with all the mentioned documents within 15 days and you are done. The approved claim will be paid within 3 days. In case you are admitted to any of our network hospitals, you easily can avail cashless facility where we would directly reimburse all the admissible expenses to the hospital.

19. What is a Super Top up?

It is a health insurance plan that strengthens your existing plan to give you a higher sum insured and a wider cover to meet your medical expenses. You can take it as an independent policy or as a top up to your existing plan

20. What is the need of buying a Super Top Up?

In cases where your existing medical cover is not sufficient enough to cover your medical expenses, Super Top Up helps increase the sum insured and provideswider coverage at an affordable premium.

21. What is deductible & how does it operate?

Deductible is the amount you pay towards your health care expenses before your insurance plan starts to pay. The amount of deductible varies as per the plan and can be crossed in single claim or in multiple claims in a policy year

22. What are the minimum and maximum deductible in the plan?

You can opt for a minimum of Rs. 4,00,000 and maximum of Rs. 5,00,000 aggregate deductible in this policy

23. What do you mean by Pre-Existing Diseases?

Pre-existing diseases refers to any condition, ailment, injury or illness that you have been diagnosed with or had symptoms of 36 months before taking your policy.

24. Will my Pre-existing diseases be covered in Super Top Up?

Pre-existing diseases will be covered in Super Top Up only after 36 months of continuous coverage.

25. Is there any waiting period?

Yes, there is a waiting period of 36 months (or 3 years) for before Super Top Up starts covering the pre-existing diseases.

26. Do I need to undergo a medical test for buying this policy?

No pre-policy medical check-up is required for individuals’ up to 55 years* of age, subject to no health adversity. However, beyond that age you may need to go through some routine check-ups.

27. Are there any special discounts available under the policy?

You get a 5% discount on opting for two-year policy and a 10% Family Discount when three or more family members are covered under individual sum insured basis

28. How much time does it takes for the claim to get approved?

You can raise a claim via Mobile application my: health services. At HDFC ERGO, 90% reimbursement claims are being settled within 3 days and cashless claims are pre-authorized within **22 minutes.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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