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How the premium of medical/health insurance is calculated?

Travel is one of the life’s greatest pleasures, but, unforeseen events can complicate even the most carefully planned trip. Loss of luggage, passport loss, canceled flights, or medical emergency can turn a relaxing vacation into a taxing experience. It's often pitched as the best protection for those traveling overseas.

Travelers spend time to discuss and finalize many things while planning for a vacation – ideal destination, local activities, things to pack and itinerary etc. to make their trip the most enjoyable and relaxing. Efforts are taken to ensure that every trip is an ideal one. Having said this, what people overlook is factors that are out of control, which can spoil the overall trip. Theft or medical emergencies in a foreign land, loss of vital documents like passport or change in flight details. It is important to plan in advance the risk aversion and mitigation in case of any such event.

This is where Travel Insurance comes to your aid by compensating you for the unforeseen emergencies while traveling. Every traveler has a query on the travel insurance cover. The key eventualities covered under travel insurance are Emergency Medical Expenses, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation of remains, Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability - Common Carrier, Flight Delay, Financial Emergency Assistance etc.

Emergency Medical Expenses, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of remains:

The policy helps you cover medical expenses if you become ill or injured while traveling overseas. It covers outpatient, in-patient, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic tests as described in the policy schedule. The policy also provides coverage for medically necessary evacuation and transportation to medical facilities. Evacuation to the home country is covered up to the medical sum insured chosen. This becomes extremely useful when you become stranded in a remote rural area without easy access to needed facilities.

In case of death of the insured overseas, funeral expenses or expenses of repatriating the remains back to India are also paid.

Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability - Common Carrier:

The company will pay the sum insured specified in the schedule if the insured sustains Accidental Bodily Injury during the course of the journey while travelling in a common carrier like Bus, Train and flight and if such bodily injury results in death or permanent total disability.

Flight Delay and other travel events:

The policy compensates to the insured if the aircraft is delayed for more than 12 hours than the original scheduled departure time. In case of loss of passport, the policy covers the expenses incurred in obtaining a fresh or new passport.

In case of permanent loss of checked-in baggage or for the purchase of toiletries, clothing and medication due to delay of checked-in baggage for more than 12 hours the insured is paid compensation.

Personal and Financial Emergency:

In case of theft, pilferage, robbery or dacoity of the insured’s travel funds a fixed amount is paid as emergency assistance up to the limits specified under the Policy. Also, compensation is paid to the third party for damages resulting from death, injury or damage to health or property caused involuntarily by the insured.


Insurance cover is provided in the event of the hijack of the common carriers in which the Insured Person is traveling whilst on the trip abroad during the period of Insurance. An allowance will be paid for each day of the hijack.

Hotel Accommodation:

Insured is paid the cost of Hotel accommodation, if the Insured Person sustains Bodily Injury or Sickness resulting in a Hospital stay as an in-patient and misses his/her flight back to the country of residence.

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