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How Does Free Health Check-up Benefit Customers ?

Regardless of how healthy a person seems, everyone needs regular health check-ups. It has been advised time and again by doctors that full-body screen once a year is essential to keep track of your health. These health checkups can help detect any possible ailments you are at risk for and take a preventive approach to keep you healthy.

Some of the benefits of annual health check-up are:

  • It helps you save money in the long run. Paying for annual health check-ups reduce the risk of potential health ailments and prevent the cost of surgery or any other serious expenditure

  • It nips the disease in the bud and ensures that you get rid of them before they take any serious shape.

  • It helps doctors to properly evaluate the functioning of the various organs of your body like the liver, kidneys, heart and thyroid.

  • It helps in the identification of stress-related diseases and addresses them right away.

If you undergo regular health checkup, it also gets easier for you to get a health insurance policy. It is because every insurance company needs a person to undergo medical examination before providing them with a health insurance policy. It is known as mandatory pre-policy health check-up. This is to find out if the person has any pre-existing diseases and to minimize the risk of covering the person. Most insurance companies have some waiting period after which they provide coverage for pre-existing diseases.

Complimentary Health Check-up With Health Insurance Renewal

The exciting part is that HDFC ERGO provides offer health check-ups once in 4 years post continuous renewals. And if you happen to own HDFC Ergo health insurance,, then you are eligible for yearly health check-ups free of cost on policy renewal. That means with HDFC ERGO my:health Suraksha, you can go for annual check-ups (every year) without paying anything.

Common tests which are covered under complimentary health check-up include ECG, complete blood count, thyroid profile, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, urine test, etc.  You can avail cashless complimentary health check-up in a network hospital only. You can visit the hospital, furnish your policy details, and avail cashless health check-up. However, some companies also allow reimbursement of annual health check-up (up to a specified limit).

Myths about Annual Health Check-up

Many people have this misconception that if any disease is found during complimentary health check-up, it may affect the insurance premium. This is far from being true. Once you have been issued a policy, the insurance premium will not vary based on your health report. Insurance companies only take into account any pre-existing diseases you have at the time of policy purchase.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales. T&C* Apply. my:health Suraksha: HDFHLIP20049V041920 UID NO: D2HI533

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