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HDFC ERGO Offers Largest Network Of Cashless Hospitals

At HDFC ERGO, each day we come across several customer feedback and suggestions, which not only help us do better but also acts as an eye opener to realise that there could be much more that we could do to make our customer’s lives easy and simple. Such was an experience shared by Mr.Mayur who holds a health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO.

Once when Mr. Mayur was hospitalised while undergoing treatment for dengue at the nearest cashless hospital enlisted with HDFC ERGO his insurer, his entire bills were paid other than the nominal deductible costs. This helped him undergo the treatment without affecting him mentally, financially and emotionally. He could focus on his recovery rather than worry about the treatment costs.

Hence, taking such situations into consideration HDFC ERGO has empanelled more than 10 thousand cashless network hospitals all over India to cater to your endless medical needs without making you pay for it initially and later file for reimbursement.

Keeping this in mind, we at HDFC ERGO have maximized the list of cashless hospitals to cater each of you located at different parts of India. That’s how cashless hospitals benefit you during tough times.

Demystifying cashless claims

Every time you looked at various health insurance websites you are bound to come across terms like cashless claims or cashless network of hospitals, though the word cashless sounds intruding as it means that you aren’t suppose to pay for the medical expenses there goes a lot more understanding to know what does it actually mean and how will it benefit you in the longer run, also why is it important for an insurer to have a large number of enlisted cashless network hospitals panelled? Let’s continue reading to understand more about the concept of cashless hospitals network and how does health insurance claims process works in real terms?

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What’s up with the number of cashless hospitals empanelled by insurers across the industry?

Every insurance company wants to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by delivering quality services. Similarly, by offering cashless claim settlement customers can actually get medical treatment without burning a hole in the pocket or arranging for last moment cash while the hospitalisation procedure is on. To make sure that most of the customers get to enjoy cashless claim settlement benefit, it is important for insurance companies to empanel high number of quality hospitals and medical centres so that their customers can enjoy the benefit of cashless claims. If the number of cashless hospitals are high then the chances of seeking medical assistance near your locality becomes high too. It’s understood that other than accidental hospitalisation most of the planned surgeries and treatments are undertaken either at recommended hospitals or nearest hospitals to your residence and if these hospitals that suit your need are empanelled by your health insurance provider then you can easily get cashless claim benefit, wherein your insurer directly pays the bills to the hospitals. HDFC ERGO General Insurance boasts of a huge network of 10,000 cashless hospitals to serve you wherever you are in the country seamlessly and make the maximum use of cashless facility.

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How does cashless claim process works?

As the name goes, cashless claim process is a form of payment made by the health insurance provider directly to the hospital for delivering medical services to the insured in the form of hospitalisation expenses, treatment costs, medicines and diagnostic services etc. So basically the insured or the patient hospitalised does not have to pay for the medical bills it gets settled directly by the health insurance provider with the TPA (Third Party Administration) and hospital. You may have to pay for the nominal hospitalisation expenses such as cost of disposables, co payment expenses or any other compulsory deductible as per the policy.

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Let’s look at the steps to follow while availing cashless claim facility with HDFC ERGO!

  • Hospitalisation happens at your nearest cashless hospital

  • Fill the form provided by the TPA (Third Party Administration) submit it to the hospital for checking your insurance details

  • Present your Health Insurance card and other important documents like Doctor’s recommendation for hospitalisation etc.

  • Hospital will pre authorise the details and send the cashless request to HDFC ERGO and coordinate with us for authorisation Pre-authorisation form.

  • At the time of Discharge & Settlement of claim: HDFC ERGO/ TPA will scrutinize all the received documents and convey the final stand on the claim.

  • You will receive an update through SMS/Emails on every stage of the claim on your registered mobile number or email id.

  • Last step, Cashless authorisation & Approval of Claim

  • Hospital shall send the final bill to HDFC ERGO for authorisation and HDFC ERGO shall scrutinise the same and give final authorisation in case of approved transactions to the hospital. Any inadmissible expenses, copayments, deductions will have to be paid by you.

Reimbursement Vs Cashless Claim

Reimbursement is a process when you are hospitalised at a non network hospital for your accidental or planned medical treatment and you pay for the medical expenses, which later on gets paid to you by your health insurance provider within 3-7 days in your bank account

Note: Cashless claims can be settled in cashless form if admission happens in a network hospital or health centre. For reimbursement processes you need to pay for the medical expenses at the first place directly to the hospital and later submit documents for claim settlement, which happens within 3-7 days with HDFC ERGO!

On the contrary, cashless claim facility means the benefit of not paying for medical bills at the hospitals directly on admission instead your health insurance provider pays for the expenses directly to the hospitals as per your policy’s permissible sum insured and coverage. With our huge network of 10k+ hospitals empanelled your cashless claims get approved within 14 minutes.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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10 Reason to choose HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plan for catering your future medical expenses

We not just aim at providing futuristic health insurance plans to cater your medical requirement which is ever growing but also look into deliver best in class services to ensure whenever there is a claim you do not face much hassle in getting it settled with us.

  • 10,000+ Cashless Network hospitals, which is a huge number to cater our customers

  • 90% cashless claims gets settled in 14 minutes

  • 90% reimbursement claims gets settled within 3 days though the official TAT is 7 days.

  • We offer free health check up on renewals

  • You can easily intimate claim via website or call our customer care centre

  • With 24x7 customer service and in house claim settlement team, we always back you

  • No capping on room rents and no disease restriction gives you the freedom you deserve

  • Keeping in mind the criticality of mental illnesses, we cover such ailments too

  • We also offer cashless home health care facility, just that extra bit to make you feel easy

  • Various fitness discounts and wellness tips to help you stay at your best form

  • Alternative medical treatments can be availed like Ayurveda, Unnani, Siddha and Homepathy

The above reasons are sufficient to prove that HDFC ERGO Health Insurance plans are a breakthrough in the industry and ensure you get covered with huge sum insured options for beating the medical inflation seamlessly and never remain under covered ever.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

The above mentioned information is illustrative and brief, please read the brochure/policy wordings for more information as coverage and exclusion may vary from product to product.

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