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HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company announced the launch of Health Suraksha Top Up plan in October 2012 in its persistent endeavor to provide customized & innovative health insurance solutions.

The Top Up plan provides high degree of convenience and flexibility to the customer since it’s available in a wide range of sum insureds and deductibles (cost sharing mechanism) to “Mix & Match” and in turn “Personalize” the cover for self and the family.

The Top Up plan comes with manifold benefits
1: To supplement your existing health insurance
2: To upgrade existing coverage available under employment ,affinity group etc
3: To safeguard self in between switching employers
4: To safeguard your personal savings in case of unexpected catastrophic medical emergencies etc

This ensures seamless cover, longer protection and surely makes it an economical and smarter choice!

The product is best suited for both salaried employees with existing medical coverage from their employer & Individuals/Families with an existing health insurance cover. Top Up cover supplements the existing health policy, insuring a person for a larger sum insured limit at lower cost. A top up policy comes into play when the sum insured in the current policy is exhausted. Top Up options available are PRO (Catastrophe) or PLUS (Aggregate)

The exhaustion of deductible can happen as multiple claims consuming the deductible amount in multiple hospitalization/conditions/claims etc. Only few insurers offer coverage towards aggregate consumption of deductible.
Deductible means a cost-sharing requirement under a health insurance policy .A Deductible does not reduce the Sum Insured.

The exhaustion of deductible should happen as a catastrophe claim consuming the deductible amount in single hospitalization/condition/claim etc
Plans available with various flexible combinations
(a) 1 Yr & 2 Yrs
(b) Individual & Family Floater
(c) SI from 2 lacs to 10 lacs
(d) Deductibles from 1 lac to 5 Lacs

Comprehensive Health Coverage :
In-patient Treatment –Medical expenses for room rent, boarding expenses, nursing, ICU, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, drugs and consumables, diagnostic procedures etc
Pre-Hospitalization - Medical expenses 60 days immediately before hospitalization
Post-Hospitalization - Medical expenses 90 days immediately after hospitalization
Day care procedures – Medical expenses for care procedures which do not require 24 hours hospitalization due to technological advancement in medical science.
Domiciliary Treatment - Medical expenses incurred by an Insured Person for availing medical treatment at his home which would otherwise have required hospitalization
Organ Donor - Medical expenses on harvesting the organ from the donor
Emergency Ambulance – Expenses up to Rs. 2000 per hospitalization for utilizing ambulance service for transporting insured person to hospital

Other Customer Delights : 
• No medical tests required upto age 55 Yrs
• Freelook period of 15 days to review the policy terms and conditions
• Grace period of 30 Days for policy renewal
• Life Long renewability under the policy
• Senior Citizens privileged while claims or grievance
• Tax benefit under Section 80 D

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