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What is a Health Insurance Top Up Plan?

Medical costs are rising exponentially in the country today and to pay the hospital bills from your own pocket is not possible always. What comes to the rescue is a comprehensive medical insurance plan. But, there is an additional problem now that everyone faces. As the cost of medical care has increased a lot, the sum insured of a health care insurance policy might not be enough in many situations, and thus, there is a need for an additional sum insured. Insurance companies have understood this issue and they also understand that taking a new medical insurance policy is not the solution. So, they have introduced health insurance top up plans.

A regular health insurance policy pays for the hospital bills to a maximum amount of the sum insured and a health insurance top up plan takes care of the bills beyond that. Thus, a health insurance top up plan is a way to get additional coverage for those who have an existing plan or have limited insurance from their employer.

Advantages and Benefits of Health Insurance Top Up Plans

  • Gives peace of mind as there is more coverage available beyond the existing medical insurance policies

  • Premium for top-up health insurance plan is quite affordable

  • Can be taken for anyone from the age of 5 to 65 years

  • If both parents are covered, most policies cover children after 91 days

  • No restrictions and sub limits on expenses in the hospital

  • Cumulative bonus for no claim years

  • For people below 55 years, there is no need for a medical check up if there are no pre existing illnesses

  • Tax redemption is available under Section 80D

Inclusions of a Health Insurance Top Up Plan

Let us talk about all the inclusions under this policy:

  • Pre and post-hospitalization cover

  • In patient hospitalization expenses are covered

  • Covers expenses of organ donor

  • Includes a list of day care procedures as well

  • Ambulance charges up to a limit are paid

Exclusions of a health insurance top up plan

A health insurance top up plan has many advantages and has a wide coverage also. However, they also have certain exclusions which need to be understood. Some of them are:

  • No claim is payable within 30 days of taking the policy

  • Most policies cover pre-existing diseases with 2-4 years of waiting period

  • Treatment costs for anxiety, depression and other physiological disorders are not payable

  • HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are not covered

  • Adventure sports injuries are not payable

  • Any accidents due to war are not covered in the policy

  • Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are not covered

  • Only allopathic treatments are covered by most top up plans

  • Experimental treatments are not covered

  • No dental treatments are payable

A top up plan can instead take care of a lot of additional expenses and relieve one from mental stress. Understanding the plan and its inclusions is a must to go ahead.

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Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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