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Different add-on covers available for your health insurance policy

Not thinking through is one of the most common mistakes that people make at the time of buying a health insurance policy. If you have purchased a laptop for an example, you will not purchase a new laptop for every new model launched in the market. You will buy added accessories to support it. This is how add on covers work in case of a health insurance policy. Instead of buying a new expensive policy, you can opt for certain additional riders which can enhance the benefits of your pre-existing health insurance plan. These add-ons can be selected as per individual preference and come at a much cheaper cost as compared to purchasing a new policy.

Some of the most commonly available riders are:

1.Maternity Cover

This is ideally the most important cover in case you are planning to start a family. It should however be noted that the waiting period can be up to two or more years depending on the insurance plan and policy provider. The add-on covers for delivery expenses and post-natal care.

2. Critical Illness Cover

Critical illnesses cover some life threatening diseases like heart diseases, tumors, kidney failure, cancer and some more similar diseases. Having the rider ensures that the insurer will pay assured lump sum amount at the time of detection of illness instead of waiting for the treatment to begin. This helps you plan your upcoming finances accordingly.

3. Room Rent Waiver

Health insurance policies have a limit on room rent in case of hospitalization. Any extra charges are to be borne by the insured. Having this rider assures you a higher room rent limit or a total waiver of the room rent limit. This rider is essentially useful for people living in metropolitan cities where the room rents of big hospitals are very high.

4. Hospital Cash

This rider helps you cover the day to day expenses during your hospital stay. The rider is applicable on the minimum stay of 24 hours in the hospital.

6. Top-up/Super Top-up Cover

This is one of the most common health insurance additional covers. It helps you enhance your sum insured over and above your actual limit. So, even if you get hospitalized multiple times in a year and your total sum is exhausted, the top up plan will cover for additional expenses.

With HDFC ERGO, you can choose multiple add-on covers depending on your budget and needs. However, it is vital that you go through all the terms and conditions in detail before you make the final decision.

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