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How To Purchase Add-on Cover For Your Heath Insurance Policy ?

While buying insurance, exceeding the budget to accommodate add-on covers can turn out to be a wise decision. We, at HDFC ERGO, have carefully curated health insurance policy plans to provide wholesome security to you and your family. One can choose from a wide range of critical add-on features that will only strengthen this shield of security and ensure absolute protection.

Attractive features of HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy

  • Avail cashless service from 6000+ network hospitals from across the country
  • Avail cover for pre and post hospitalisation expenses as well
  • Avail cover for day care procedures ( that don’t require 24 hours of hospitalisation)
  • Treatment taken at home is also eligible to be covered

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Inclusions

  • Emergency ambulance assistance
  • Maternity benefits after waiting period
  • Reimbursement of 1% of sum insured for medical checkups
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses are covered for 60 days prior to hospitalisation and 90 days after hospitalisation
  • Convalescence benefits if hospitalisation exceeds 10 consecutive days
  • In patient medical expenses of new born baby within 90 days after the birth

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policy Exclusions

  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered unless the insured is covered for 48 months
  • Health problems due to  conditions of war or any sort of armed conflicts
  • Violation of any law with an intent of crime
  • Injuries caused due to an act of self-destruction, suicide or suicide attempts, radioactivity or war, terrorist activities
  • Patients affected with AIDS
  • Claims for illness that may arise due to intoxication of alcohol and drugs
  • Plastic or cosmetic surgery unless performed as an internal part of the treatment
  • Vaccinations including inoculation and immunizations taken for preventive measures

While your health insurance plan promises to protect you and your family from the dangers of medical emergencies, there are certain add-on features that can strengthen this promise with specialized features. So the next time you opt for HDFC health insurance renewal online, avail add-on covers.

 Add-on covers

  • Critical illness cover: Critical illness is terminal in nature, such as cancer, massive heart stroke, brain tumor or multiple sclerosis. Critical illness cover provides an instantaneous lump-sum amount, irrespective of expenses incurred during the actual medical procedure. Typically, such plans cover 10-15 ailments on an average. However, this can go up to 38 ailments in case of a comprehensive package.
  • Personal accident cover: This add-on cover offers compensation for all kinds of outcome of an accident, including accidental death.
  • Top-up cover: Top-up covers are designed to upgrade the base cover, over and above your existing health plan.

Buy health insurance online and with a few simple clicks, you can avail add-on covers and enhance your health insurance policy.

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