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Say Hello to Alexa with HDFC ERGO General Insurance!

In the era of fastest technological growth and rapid scale in the field of enhance customer assistance, HDFC ERGO has etched a new trend for easy interaction and simplifying insurance understand. Embracing technology and advancement has always been a must-to-do with HDFC ERGO. Keeping this trend on, we now welcome AI enabled Chatbot ‘DIA’ on Amazon’s cloud based voice service, Alexa. Offering 24x7 customer assistance, we hereby present an all new experience of understanding insurance with enhanced voice command services. In a nutshell, with the launch of Alexa we wish to ensure easier and smarter way to reach our customers.

How does it work?

Dia – The voice of Alexa is an integrated artificial intelligent Chatbot service, which will connect with the customers and help resolving queries. Apart from providing customers with information related to their HDFC ERGO policies, DIA can also email customers the copy of their policy on their registered email address.

To enable this, you have to download Amazon Alexa Mobile App and enable the "HDFC ERGO" skill. Once this is done, DIA will be available at your service on calling out the phrase “Alexa, Ask HDFC ERGO" followed by your questions like - How do I process my claims? What is salvage? Send me a policy copy! Dia can easily answer all such questions for you effortlessly.

Why Alexa for HDFC ERGO General Insurance?

Reaching out to a larger customer base by redefining the user experience is what the brand aims at. Simplifying insurance and resolving their queries to enhance the customer experience is our core aim. With DIA on Amazon Alexa, HDFC ERGO is a step ahead in simplifying things and taking customer experience to the next level. Moving forward, more services will be added and made available on Alexa to better the customer service experience. What keeps you waiting? Get hooked on to Alexa and get answers to all your HDFC ERGO insurance related questions. Try it out! Today.

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