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How To Get Your AADHAR Number and PAN Number Linked To Insurance Policy?

As per the recent trends, the authorities are relentless in reminding us constantly to link our AADHAAR number with our bank accounts to enjoy continued services. Government has issued a directive which mandates linking AADHAR number with all financial services being availed.

Linking of AADHAR to bank account is mandatory under the Prevention of Money-Laundering Rules

Let’s understand the step by step process to Link AADHAR Number with Insurance Policies-

How to link your AADHAAR and PAN number with insurance policy-detailed steps?

  1.  Go to and click Customer Support icon
  2.  Alternatively, you may click the banner for linking Aadhaar & PAN to the policy
  3.  Click On LinkAadhaar and PAN
  4.  Enter your policy number/registered mobile number/registered email ID
  5.  Click on Go
  6.  Verify the details updated by you and proceed to Link

Considering the above mandates, IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India) has confirmed that it is mandatory to link one’s AADHAAR& PAN to one’s insurance policy. The insurance regulatory body has instructed all insurance companies, including life, general and stand-alone health insurance companies to make provisions for linking AADHAAR and PAN number with insurance policies. Companies need to facilitate customers to link their AADHAAR number with policy number.

Linking AADHAAR with all financial products is step towards better economy, to lessen the flow of black money and curb illegal activities. Failing to link AADHAR with Insurance may lead to inaccessibility, so if you are yet to do so, please go ahead do it now.

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