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Insure your most valued possessions: Cows, Bullocks, and Buffaloes

For any ruralite, his most valued possessions are cows, bullocks and buffaloes. These cattle are not just living beings for him, but a means to earn his livelihood,means to provide prosperity to his entire family. And thanks to India’s hardworking farmers, the Indian Agriculture Industry is on the cusp of green revolution. No wonder then that the total agriculture production in India is likely to double in the next ten years, and that too in an organic way.

HDFC ERGO realizes the importance of rural economy to the overall growth of the nation and hence we have Cattle Insurance Policy that provides protection of Indian rural people from financial loss due to death of their cattle. The Policy covers the persons having cows, bullocks or buffaloes of either sex. For a small premium payable, our farmers can have peace of mind and they can protect their business.

Death of cattle:: HDFC ERGO’s Cattle Insurance  covers the cattle insured whilst within a geographical area specified in the policy schedule, in case of loss of life due toaccident or diseases contracted or surgical operation. The policy also covers death of cattle which are the subject matter of insurance occurring outside the said geographical area in the event of drought, epidemics and other natural calamities.

Optional Benefits:

Permanent Disability Cover.. Like in the case of human beings, HDFC ERGO’s Cattle Insurance Policy covers the risk of permanent and total disablement of cattle.

The cattle ought to be certified as being in sound and perfect health and free from injury or disease by a veterinary doctor / surgeon and who are Members (in groups) of Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations,financial institutions and such affinity groups / institutions in rural and social sector.

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