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What is Anti-Lock Braking System?

Published on February 9, 2019. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

The Anti-Lock Braking System deploys speed sensors to figure out whether the wheels are locking up when brakes are applied. This locking is indeed very dangerous as the tyres jam up and lock, which further leads to your vehicle skidding across the road. The Anti-lock Braking System is made up of four major components: pump, controller, speed sensors, and valves.

Anti-Lock Braking System in Cars and Bikes

The ABS mechanism is used in both cars and bikes and works on a common principle. But, a car skidding on its four wheels is still more balanced than a bike skidding on just two wheels. In bikes, if the front tyre locks, the rider will lose control of the steering and that can be a very critical situation for the rider. This is why it is essential that cars are fitted with an ABS.

Advantages of Anti-Lock Braking System

An Anti-Lock Braking System helps in many instances. During sudden braking, it prevents lifting of the rear wheel in bikes and skidding of the wheels in cars. An ABS will allow the linear braking to feel more gradual instead of the abrupt motion that causes the vehicle to skid. In fact, the ABS leads to gradual pulsations on the brake due to the hydraulic valves, which is a sort of warning that you are pushing your brakes to the limit.

There are three different categories of ABS, depending upon the vehicle that you drive:

  • One Channel: This system is a one sensor mechanism that is commonly found in pickup trucks that have a rear-wheel drive.

  • Three Channel: The three channel is a three sensor anti-lock brake system that is most commonly attached to pickup trucks equipped with a four-wheel drive.

  • Four Channel: These are the most advanced ABS in the market. It has a four sensor anti-lock brake system,usually found in sedans.

ABS and Its Role in Insurance

Having anti-brake locks is very important to prevent accidents and amp up your vehicle’s security measures. Since car insurance companies are very serious about the risk factors, having ABS installed in your car can significantly reduce the monthly premium on your motor insurance.

In addition to a decreased car insurance premium and of course, the safety parameters, ABS adds value to your vehicle which in turn, enhances your reselling value. The dual protection of ABS and comprehensive car insurance will protect you and your family from the uncalled adversities.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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