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Ways to Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your Car

Published on October 21, 2020. EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

We buy a new car, get it customized so that it reflects our signature style and take a comprehensive car insurance policy to protect it and the accessories. Even if most of your accessories are covered in the car insurance, there might be small damages for which you may not file a claim. Do you know who can cause these tiny damages? Rodents!  Well, we hardly worry about the problem of rats and mice entering the car, but when they do, it becomes a genuine nuisance. Often rodents enter cars to seek warmth, but the problem escalates when they start building nests or start chewing seat covers, belts, and wires. It can lead to engine malfunction also. However, there are ways to keep them out of your car. 

Ways of keeping rats and mice out of the car

1. Rodents hate light: Mice and rats look for a dark place to nest. While keeping the lights on in the car is no solution, you can always try and park your car in a spot with ample lighting. Once in a while, you can keep the hood of the car open and let light disturb the creature that might be nesting there. 

2. Keep food out of their reach: There could be food packets meant for yourself, your baby or pet lying on the seat and that will invite the rodents to get their share. They can then stuff that in different parts of the car and clog them. So, clear the food items once you reach home. 

3. Keep your surrounding clean: Not only should you keep your car clean, but you should also make sure that the area where your car is generally parked in the office or residential building is also clean. A garbage bin that has not been emptied or grass that has not been trimmed for some time can be a potential breeding spot for rodents. If you find the spot from where they are entering your car, you can cover it with a mesh.  

4. Use rodent repellents: There are certain smells that rats and mice simply can’t stand. Many car owners use peppermint oil and strategically place them in different corners to keep the rodents away. Many other effective repellents are also available in the market. 

5. Don’t let your car sit idle: If you drive your car often, with multiple bumps from speed breakers and sound of honking and engine revving, rodents may not find it a good place to settle down.  

6. The conventional traps: If there is this little member who refuses to leave, you can use the old-fashioned snap traps. Glue traps or cage traps could work, however, using poisonous baits are not recommended as they could be toxic to your pets or a child if they find it. 


Rodents can be found everywhere and the chances of them entering your car and doing considerable damage are quite high, including causing significant financial loss. You must take proper steps as mentioned above to discourage them from making your car their home. 

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