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Importance of Car Maintenance

Publication date: 09 March, 2020, EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

What is car insurance? It is the monetary security you purchase for your car against in the event of mishaps like accidents or theft and protects you from penalties and liabilities they entail. Purchasing car insurance is, without doubt, the most important thing you can do once you buy a car. Not only does itsecure you against financial liabilities but also makes you a law abiding citizen since your car is now under the Indian Motor Act that mandates insurance coverage for your vehicle.

Getting the insurance coverage you want isn’t always a simple transaction. All insurance providers have a methodology based on which they offer certain premiums and these often largely depend upon the condition of your car.

Car Maintenance- Benefits & Importance

When you purchase insurance, the condition of your car is an important factor that helps the insurer decide whether you are fit to buy thepolicy in question. Here are some reasons why routine car maintenance is so important.

  • Ensures Safety
    This is the most important parameter for your routine car maintenance.  A routine check makes sure that there are no underlying issues that can jeopardise the health of the vehicle and as a result, your safety. Make sure your brakes, tyre air pressure and filters are in terrific condition.

  • Helps Secure Insurance Easily
    This is a very important reason and surprisingly, the most common one that people seem to forget. If your car is in good shape and running smoothly, it shows that you are a careful driver. This reflects that you are not reckless on the road and don’t compromise on safety, which may otherwise lead to accidents and thus, insurance claims. Chances are if your car is in animpressive condition, you might get some discount of the insurance value, which will bring down the premium rates as well.

  • Great Resale Value
    Who doesn’t like a well-maintained car? A car that undergoes routine maintenance is bound to perform better than those that don’t and are far more appealing to prospective buyers. The better your car, the greater is the resale value. Not to mention, it will be a walk in the park to sell a well-maintained car.

  • Increased Lifespan
    This is a no brainer. Keeping the rust and breakdown at bay, you can ensure a longer lifespan for your car. You also score brownie points on your insurance awards by not making regular claims. By keeping your insurance intact, you become eligible for bonus amounts, which adds an extra monetary layer for your claims, if you wish to make any in future.

Impact on Premium Rates

While we discussed that a well-maintained car can help you secure insurance easily, it has yet another advantage for your insurance. Since your car has no or minimal history of accidents or damages, your record is pristine and as a result, your credibility in the eyes of the insurer goes up. This credibility often paves the way for low premium rates as your regularly maintained car has little to no scope of breaking down randomly. This will prevent you from making insurance claims, which will reduce the liability of the insurance provide.

Car Maintenance Tips

Prevention is better than cure and if you are successfully using preventive measures for your car’s health, you're making a valuable investment in yourself. Here are some simple techniques that you can adopt to ensure a regular maintenance cycle.

  • Check Air Pressure Every Month
    Tyre pressure is literally what your entire vehicle rests upon. A monthly air check-up can negate serious problems like punctures or tyre blowout that can lead to a serious accident. Not to mention, it also reduces the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and thus, burns a hole in your pocket.

  • Check Your Battery
    The battery is the powerhouse of your vehicle and with regular upkeep, it ensures that your car runs smoothly and does not suffer any breakdowns.  A poor battery is a sure shot sign of an unkempt vehicle and this will reduce its value and increase its insurance premium.

  • Keep a Check on the Fluids
    Your vehicle needs a multitude of fluids to maintain perfect functionality. Fluids are used in brakes, engines, transmission and much more. Checking the fluids every month ensures that your car is safe and efficient.


Maintaining a vehicle is a cyclic process that should not be undermined. You can either roll up your sleeves or take your car to a mechanic every month to ensure that your car is in the best shape possible. Ensure safety for your car, ensure safety for yourself.

Disclaimer:The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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