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Motor Insurance for Women

Published on June 22, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

More and more women are taking the wheel and it is necessary that all drivers are aware of the rules and regulations that accompany driving on Indian roads. The most important of these isto understand the nuances of getting a motor insurance. MOTOR INSURANCE, as the name suggests, is the mandatory insurance that you take for your vehicle. It is your financial security in the case of any breakdown or accident.

The Importance of Motor Insurance

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, it is compulsory to insure your vehicle. While the regulation is reason enough to get your car insured, it is the most useful tool to protect yourself against paying for extensive damages in case of accidents. In addition to self-damages, many insurance companies also provide third party damages thatcan ease your financial burden.

Women and Motor Insurance

Buying a vehicle is a clear indication of financial independence and grants ease of mobility that wasn’t as easily accessible to women before. Women regard safety as the prime factor while purchasing a vehicle and are often regarded as much safer drivers than men.

Women tend to focus on driving within the speed limit and following traffic regulations to a tee. However, adhering to traffic rules on the road is only one part of being a responsible driver. The other part rests with buying a motor insurance policy that covers all the facets of their prized possession.

How Will Motor Insurance Help Women?

Since women are deemed to be better drivers, it is fairly easy to get insurance with low premium rates. Nevertheless it is important to secure insurance for your car. Imagine the liability you have to cough up if you meet with an accident without any coverage. Not only do you have to pay for the damages but you also risk losing your driver’s license. There are many more distressing issues that a motor insurance protects you from.

Protect Against Legal Regulations

As mentioned, the Indian Motor Act makes it mandatory for every vehicle owner to have her vehicle insured. In case of a legal issue, the owner will be asked to produce insurance papers and failure to do so can lead to more hassles and high fines.

Coverage in Case of Poor Traffic Management

Indian traffic infrastructure comes up short in many respects and these lead to a large number of accidents which can result in extensive injuries and even fatalities. Due to the poor traffic management, your vehicle is heavily exposed to accidents and thus, you must secure yourself with comprehensive motor insurance.

Protects You Against Liabilities

If you do end up getting into an accident, the right motor insurance will save you from paying up for personal as well as third party damages. In such cases, you are often held responsible for third party liabilities and the motor insurance will pay for the repair or replacement cost and also for any injuries suffered by the occupants.

Protection Against Theft

With few secure public parking spaces, the risk of vehicular theft claims is very high. In case, your car is stolen, not only will your insurance policy cover the cost but also provide assistance if you file a police complaint for the same.


Women are no longer confined to the back seats of the car. A comprehensive motor insurance will give them the confidence to pump up the gears and take the driver’s wheel without hesitation.

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S. Gopalakrishnan | Motor Insurance Expert | 40+ years of experience in insurance industry

A veteran in insurance industry. S. Gopalakrishnan is a name to reckon with in the field of reinsurance, he has headed the Reinsurance department and has rich experience in other fields of motor insurance. He loves to share his opinion on latest topics in the insurance industry and how he can help people in safeguarding their assets using insurance products.

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