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Get your car summer ready

Summers are approaching and we do everything possible to keep away from the scorching heat, be it by carrying an umbrella, buying curtains that block the sunlight, wearing sunscreen, and keeping oneself hydrated by drinking ample of water. A change in weather not just impacts us humans but our vehicles too.So it’s advisable to do some forward planning, than to worry about the losses later. Similarly, your car requires necessary protection from the changing weather conditions. There are a number of damages that your car may incur owing to the summer season. So you need to keep a watch to avoid the regrets later.

How does weather change have an impact on your car?

Summers usually have an impact on the tyres of the car. The heat outside adds to pressure on the tyre which put them at a high risk of bursting. Therefore, it is important to check the tyre pressure as a precaution to guard against high temperature. It is during this season when a number of car tyres burst.

Consider this scenario: You are driving and all of a sudden, the tyres of your car get punctured or blow out. You find yourself at a place where there is no garage around and no person to offer you a helping hand. If you have a valid car insurance, all you have to do is to call up the customer care centre of your respective insurance provider and a professional will be sent to help you. Roadside assistance is one of the features that insurers offer in car insurance these days, so that you are not stranded at some place due to vehicle breakdown.

There are a number of other changes that may occur in your car such as problems in the cooling system or leakage of fluid in the brake. Any kind of damage may result into your car not working while you are in the middle of the traffic or on a highway. During such times, your local mechanic may not be of any help. This is where roadside assistance comes for rescue. Even if you cannot drive, there are towing services facilitated by the car insurance provider through which your car is taken to the repair centre.

Possibilities of an accident due to components failure caused by heat is common. Issues such as damaged power steering may also land you up in a difficult situation. What if your car bumps into someone else’s vehicle due to mishandling of the steering? Doing regular maintenance and topping up power steering fluid periodically is recommended. However, if the damage is done, ensure that you have a valid motor insurance plan to pay for the losses caused to self and others.In this case, if you have an expired car insurance, there will be no reimbursement from your car insurance provider and you will have to pay for the losses from your own pocket.This is where liability insurance from motor insurance comes into action to take care of third party losses.

We all know that having a car insurance is a legal binding for every car owner in India. However, it is also important to never take the security for granted by delaying its renewal or purchase. Timely decision can protect your car against natural calamities, theft, and untowardly incidents such as accidents. Ensure that you do not simply opt for a cheap car insurance but the best car insurance plan that meets all your requirements and guarantees overall security. Whether it is summer, winter, or spring, owning the right car insurance is the best safety for your vehicle.

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