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Everything You Should Know Before Buying Auto Insurance for Your SUV Car

Imagine an ugly dent on your shiny, swanky, plush and robust SUV car. If this gives you goose bumps, then imagine what an unfortunate accident can do to your beloved car. This is why you need to immediately turn your attention to auto insurance for your SUV car. SUV cars have higher auto insurance cost as compared to other cars.

At HDFC ERGO, we consistently revise our policies in order to be able to serve our customers in the best possible way. Here is an elaborate explanation of auto insurance for your SUV car.

SUV Car Insurance Features

  • Personal accident insurance cover should be compulsorily provided to the owner/driver in case of permanent disability or loss of life while driving.

  •  Any loss or damage to the car due to an accident, fire explosion, lightning, earthquake, flood, burglary etc. will be covered by insurance.

  • The premium is calculated depending on the model of the car, the fuel type and the Insured Declared Value (IDV).

  • You can avail no claim bonus for every claim free year.

  • HDFC offers ‘Collision coverage’, which is very important in case of a SUV car. As a SUV car is considered more risky, collision coverage is an absolute must to insure your own and your car’s wellbeing.

  • SUV car insurance covers lawsuits and legal fees which can arise as a result of an accident.

For your expensive SUV car, it’s advised you consider an upgrade in your auto insurance coverage with add-on covers to ensure maximum coverage for total protection. Here are some additional benefits you get by paying marginally higher premium.

Zero depreciation cover: This cover promises comprehensive coverage without considering depreciation which means that in case of damage due to an accident, you can receive the entire cost without any deductions.

Down time protection: This feature ensures that the amount you spend on conveyance while your SUV car has gone for repair will be reimbursed by your insurance policy.

Engine and gear box protection cover: This cover insures repair and replacement of internal parts, labour costs involved etc.

Emergency assistance service program: Emergency service is very critical especially in case of your precious SUV car as anyway it is difficult to find service stations and auto-parts for SUV cars. With this add-on in auto insurance coverage you can be assured of on-site minor repairs, tire change, duplicate keys, battery jumpstart etc.

Consumable expenses cover: This add-on covers your SUV car against any expenses that can arise due to the need for replacement of consumable products such as nut, bolt, screw, washers, grease, coolants, lubricants, engine and other oils, clips, ac gas, bearings, battery water, filters, sealants, gaskets etc.

At HDFC ERGO, we value your SUV car just like you do and you can be assured of the best services at the minimum possible cost.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before going ahead with the purchase.

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