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Benefits of Key replacement cover

Published on May 22, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

CAR INSURANCE helps in protecting your car from unprecedented risks. Any damages or loss to your car or to you and the passengers in your car due to a natural or manmade act can be covered under car insurance. In simple terms, the level of coverage provided by car insurance includes the insured vehicle, third parties, and the owner of the vehicle.You will have to pay a premium to avail the cover and benefits offered by car insurance, which depends on several factors like the value of your car, the type of cover, the type of car you have, etc.

COMPREHENSIVE CAR INSURANCE will give you peace of mind and you can enjoy a carefree drive. Many insurance providers offer enhanced coverage along with the base insurance policy in the form of add-ons. These add-ons offer better protection to your car at an increased premium. Some of the common add-ons that are available with car insurance policy include NCB protector cover, Zero depreciation cover, Key Replacement cover, Emergency Assistance Cover, etc.

Key Replacement Cover-Benefits and Features

Losing your car keys or misplacing them is quite a common happening in our day to day lives. Earlier, a car owner would approach the locksmith and get duplicate keys made in case of loss or misplacement of car keys. However, today this procedure is not relevant anymore as the keys are computer coded and encrypted which are very difficult to copy. So, you will have to take help from the nearest service centre for a new key or a replacement key. This procedure can be both time consuming and expensive.

To overcome these hassles, it is advisable to include key replacement cover in your car insurance policy.

Some of the major features and benefits of key replacement cover are listed below.

  • WIth the key replacement cover, you will be able to claim those expenses which you would incur during the process of replacement of old keys and the making of new keys.

  • The major inclusions of a key replacement cover are cost incurred to replace the lost or stolen key and the cost of the lock that has been replaced.

  • Since the key replacement cover is an add-on, an additional premium has to be paid by you to include this add-on into your base car insurance policy.

  • When you purchase your car insurance policy, you must inquire about the extra cost you need to pay to avail the benefits of the key replacement cover.

  • Also, if you purchase your car insurance policy online, it is advisable to compare the prices of policies with key replacement cover and then finalise your purchase.

  • Moreover, even if you have included the key replacement cover in your car insurance policy you must be very careful about your car keys. There is a specific limit on how many times you can claim your key replacement cover within the term of your car insurance policy. If yourclaimfor key replacement cover is beyond the permissible number of times then you will have to bear the expenses for them.


Losing your car keys can be expensive and an authorised service centrewill charge anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000, which will depend on your car’s brand. The cost in the case of remote-controlled cars would be even higher. So, it is wiser to obtain a key replacement cover that will make the process hassle-free and help you save a considerable amount of money.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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