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Theft Cover for Your Bike

Your bike is probably your beloved friend, a companion that always stays besides you whenever you need it the most. Be it a bike ride to the hills or chilling scenes by the beach, you can take your bike wherever you want for spending a relaxed time and enjoying the sense of freedom. Bikers love pampering their bikes with dazzling accessories and modifying the look and feel to give it an upbeat look; we know you love doing that. However, mere creating a fascinating machine won’t help you in the long run; you have to insure your bike against uncertainties. In cities, these days there is a tremendous rise in the theft cases and the recovery percentage is quite low.

Probability of Bike Theft is Very High

As per Delhi police, a vehicle is stolen every 13 minutes and only 4% are recovered, this data comprises of both bike as well as car. However, there are higher chances that the number of bikes stolen would be much higher than the number of car. Motor bikes and scooters are easy catch, as they can unlock the vehicle and vroom it quickly, additionally the recovery rate is low because the burglars dismantle the parts and sell it off. In case your two wheeler gets stolen, it creates a huge financial loss and also hampers your daily commute agenda. To reduce the impact of theft or burglary, it’s important to secure your two-wheeler.

Consequences of not having a theft cover for your bike

Imagine suddenly your bike goes missing from the parking lot and you end up in a panic state thinking what to do next? In such situations not having a bike insurance will surely be a nightmare.

  • Financial Loss – You will have to dig onto your savings for buying a new vehicle.

  • Public transport dependency – You will try using public transport till the time you opt for a new vehicle.

  • Mental stress – Your peace of mind goes for a toss as you constant regret for not buying bike insurance with theft cover.

  • Settle for an inferior model - In case you are unable to afford the same model at that time, you might go for an inferior model.

Why choose Two Wheeler Insurance with HDFC ERGO?

We at HDFC ERGO offer a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy to secure your vehicle against loss due to theft and burglary. As a part of comprehensive policy, we cover your own damage loss both partial and total, which could be due to accidents, natural calamities, terrorism, theft and burglary. All you have to do is click here and enter your details to calculate premium for securing your bike from possible threats and enjoy peace of mind.

How to claim insurance for stolen bike?

HDFC ERGO has well defined claim process for total loss in case of theft or burglary. By following the simple steps your stolen motorcycle insurance claim can be entertained by the claim support team. Read here Motor Claim Process and understand how insurance claim works for bike theft.

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