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Stay Safe: Follow these seven steps to avoid road accidents

Published on September 30-9-2020. EST READ TIME: 3 MIN

Apart from the sheer adrenaline rush, a biker gets when riding his/her mean machine, a two-wheeler, also happens to be an ideal vehicle when you have to wade through traffic with ease. Moreover, bikes require smaller parking spaces, are fuel-efficient, and extremely affordable. However, Indian roads are also full of sharp turns, dangerous potholes, and untrained and brash drivers. The motorcycle rider is more vulnerable to injuries compared to someone sitting inside a car with a seat belt on. Having a bike insurance policy will help you take care of any damage done to your bike or any third-party liabilities, but isn’t prevention always better than cure? So, here are seven best ways to avoid road accidents while riding a bike:

  • Follow traffic rules: Sounds boring? Well, traffic rules are not killjoy; they in fact save you from getting harmed. Won't it be simply foolish to violate the traffic signal only to get hit by some car? Obey the rules for your own safety.      

  • Wear the right gear: We are not talking just about a sturdy helmet with a reflective band. Bikes can easily skid, especially during monsoon and cause an alarming injury to the rider. But if you wear a jacket, elbow guard, and gloves while riding, they will act as a protective shield if you slip from the bike.

  • Choose control over style: Your bike should not only match your budget, but also your strength to handle its power. Take test rides before zeroing in on a bike. Buy the one that you can easily control, turn, pick, and push instead of making a choice purely on the basis of appearance.

  • Mind the weather: When it rains, take shelter under a bridge or nearby shop because the chances of meeting with an accident increase when you ride in bad weather conditions. Rain or fog can limit your vision and you can hit someone or get hit because of that.

  • Maintenance is the key: Anyone who has been riding a two-wheeler for some time would get a hint if something is off when they start the engine or drive it for a kilometre or two. In such cases, check the air pressure in the tyres or see if the brakes and clutch are working or the bike needs servicing. Riding a faulty machine can cause both discomfort and fatalities.

  • Communicate to avoid confusion: Give indicators or hand gestures to communicate with other drivers. Maintain a safe distance when overtaking moving vehicles, as getting too close can lead to collisions.

  • Don’t drink and drive: Another basic thing and a criminal offence, but some people live under the impression they can drive well even under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ask a friend to drop you or hail a cab if you had one drink too many.         


Two-wheeler is the go-to vehicle for people of different gender, age, and income groups. If you are biker rider, you have to be extra careful while out on the road and the above-mentioned tips will help you reach your destination safely. In case you meet with an accident, your bike insurance will take care of the financial aspect. Stay safe, stay protected with a valid bike insurance policy!

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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