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Safe Driving Saves Lives: ten best safety rules you should follow

You would have heard the adage that ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry.’ When you are a biker, this suggestion holds even more significance. Bikes have no seat belts or airbags to protect the rider in case he/she loses control of the vehicle and slips dangerously on the road. A bike insurance is a must to pay for any damages done to the bike or a third-party, but it’s equally important to be careful and concerned about your well-being when riding a bike to avoid mishaps. Here are the 10 road safety rules you should always follow.

  • Wear a helmet: An injury to your head can impact your whole body. Therefore, care less about your hairstyle and more about your safety. Wearing a good-quality helmet can save your life during a fatal crash.

  • Use reflectors: Using reflectors on your helmet and bikes is a good idea to get yourself noticed by other drivers when visibility is low like at night or on a foggy morning.

  • Don’t use your phone while riding: Never talk on the phone while handling the bike or scooter with one hand. It takes just a few seconds to lose control. Similarly, don’t use headphones as you won’t be able to hear the horns of an approaching vehicle.

  • Stay in your lane: Don’t switch lanes abruptly. Give proper signal before doing that. Similarly, never ride in the wrong lane just to save some time as you are increasing your chances of a head-on collision.

  • Don’t compete: A major reason for accidents and road rage is that people try to outdo each other. Please remember, the road is not a racing track. Give space to unruly drivers instead of engaging in any kind of altercation with them.

  • Overtake with caution: India follows the left-side drive and so, over-taking is permitted from the right. And see if the driver ahead of you is indicating to turn right and then you can overtake from the left. However, don’t get too close while doing that.

  • Don’t apply sudden brakes: Sudden braking not only decreases the overall braking efficiency, but it also increases the chances of skidding or getting hit by a car behind you.

  • Follow the speed limit: This one never gets old – speed thrills but it also kills. Riding a bike at 40-50 km/hour is a good speed that is easily controllable.

  • Take note of signs: Stay alert and pay attention to signage on the road.

  • Don’t ride behind a goods carrier: Riding right behind trucks that carry rods or vegetables or any other item that can easily slip out is dangerous.


Riding a bike is a very enjoyable and thrilling experience, but only as long as you take all necessary road safety precautions. Every year, many two-wheeler accidents happen only because people ignore safety rules. When out on the road, how we ride our bikes and scooters not only decides our wellbeing, but of others as well. So, start early, drive slowly, and reach safely! And don’t forget to get a bike insurance policy that will protect your vehicle from any kind of damage and save you from a financial loss.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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