3 Reasons toGet Bike Insurance Policy Add-ons

If you own a bike, you know that at least third-party liability only coverage is mandatory.

Two-wheeler insurance policies are of two types—third party and comprehensive. Below is an explanation of both these types of motorcycle insurance coverage.

  1. Third party

As suggested by the name, it only covers liabilities arising to third parties due to an accident. The liability arising towards third parties due to an injury, death, permanent total disability, or damage to property is covered by this type of insurance.

  1. Comprehensive

In addition to the third-party cover, a comprehensive policy covers own damage. This means any loss or damage due to an accident, theft, or natural calamity to your bike is covered under this policy.

A comprehensive policy offers wider coverage and is advisable. Nonetheless, there are certain instances when even a comprehensive policy is inadequate. For example, if your bike has a mechanical or electrical breakdown, it is not covered under this two-wheeler policy. To procure complete protection, you may consider including certain insurance add-ons.

Here are two additional coversthat may be included with your regular two-wheeler insurance.

  1. Zero depreciation cover

When you include this add-on cover, the insurer settles your claim without considering any depreciation. It is beneficial because you are able to recover the entire cost of damaged parts (that are covered) without having to pay any money from your pocket.

  1. Emergency Road assistance

If your bike breaks down and you are unable to ride it to the nearest authorized service center, you may not be able to avail of cashless services. In such a situation, Emergency Road assistance add-on is beneficial. It covers on-site repairs by an experienced mechanic, refueling, battery jumpstart, and changing a flat tire.

Now that you know the add-on covers you may include with your two-wheeler insurance, here are three reasons why you must opt for these.

  1. Save time

In case of any breakdown, it is not possible to leave your bike unattended. With Emergency Road assistance, you are assured that your two-wheeler will be taken to the closest repair center without any delay. This helps you save time because you only need to call the insurance company to avail of this service.

  1. Cost efficient

Contrary to perception, the add-ons are available for an affordable premium. This ensures you do not have any financial difficulty to pay a slightly higher amount to enjoy complete peace of mind.

  1. Complete security

In case your bike breaks down at odd hours of the night, you may be in potential danger. Furthermore, finding a mechanic may be difficult. With the add-on coverage, you are assured that help will be available ensuring the safety of you and your bike.

HDFC ERGO provides two-wheeler insurance that gives you complete peace of mind to ride your bike without any worries. A long-term comprehensive cover with the aforementioned add-ons is the best friend for your two-wheeler.

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