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Quick Guide-Insuring Safety for Long Bike Rides

Published on August 8, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Gearing up for a long bike ride requires careful planning and forethought so that you can stay safe and comfortable. Whether you need to get your bike serviced before you hit the road or get your safety gear in place, organising your trip properly is essential for an unforgettable experience. Plus, you need to protect yourself against any financial loss that might arise from unforeseen situations like an accident or natural calamity. So, following are a few motorcycle safety tips and pointers that will help you in ensuring that the on-road experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.

  • Plan your travel
    The first thing to do before stepping out for exciting adventures is to get a good understanding of the terrain and weather. Pack essentials depending on the weather type and carry hardwearing clothes and shoes, torches, chargers, medicines and cleaning products. Leather clothing and non-skid shoes are your best bet while driving long distances. Do not just plan your travel itinerary, but also break up your journey into realistic goals for travelling certain kilometres, based on the state of the roads and your personal stamina.

  • Inspect your bike
    Inspect your vehicle thoroughly before you start. Check the tire pressure, mirrors and lights especially. Test for high and low beams as they are inevitably the most important features if you are planning to travel after dark. Make sure you service your bike beforehand to check the hydraulic and coolant fluids. Examine your clutch and brake to ensure that they are working smoothly. Adjust your mirrors and test the horn before you ultimately embark on your journey.

  • Load up properly
    To make your travel smooth and stress-free, avoid carrying any bag or sack on your back, as it can add to your fatigue. Use tank bags and saddle bags to organize your luggage properly. Rather than worrying about your luggage falling off, you should be able to have fun while travelling. So, double check your fastened bags to ensure they don’t fall off on bumpy roads or speed breakers. This will help you focus on the driving and make the journey more comfortable.

  • Carry the right safety gear
    This is one of the most important motorcycle safety tips. While a helmet is compulsory while driving, use other safety gear like goggles to protect your eyes and gloves to protect the hands. Carry emergency kits and extra gloves and goggles that suit the weather conditions. Follow traffic rules at all times, even when the roads seem empty, and ride defensively while being careful. To make your ride safer and worry-free, check the weather forecast and plan your travel accordingly.

  • Take regular breaks
    For long bike rides, it is important that you pace yourself well and take ample time to rest now and then. You are the best person to judge your abilities and stamina. So, set a realistic distance to be covered in a day and book accommodations if you wish to resume the journey the next morning.

  • Do not ignore basics
    Make sure you stay hydrated always and carry dry, energy-rich foods that are easy to consume on the go. Never ignore minor cuts or wounds, in case you fall or meet with a minor accident. Always keep a loved one informed as to where you are and if you are facing any problem. Be aware of the nearest police station or hospital based on the route you are taking.

Cover uncertainties with Insurance

Despite taking all precautions, it is not possible to completely avoid accidents or other unwanted issues when you are taking a long bike ride. Due to risky traffic, or the weather playing tricks, or other unforeseen factors, your journey may face hiccups. So, buy bike insurance with personal accident cover to protect yourself financially against any unforeseen circumstances like theft, breakdown, natural calamity or accident. It can cover both you and any third party in case of physical injuries or property-related damages. You can also choose useful add-ons to make the insurance as comprehensive as possible.

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