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Need For Add-on covers In Two Wheeler Insurance

Buying a two wheeler insurance policy is a definite way to financially secure you and your two wheeler from any damages. While a third party two wheeler insurance insures you against damages caused to third person or property, comprehensive insurance provides you all around coverage by insuring the vehicle against own damage as well as a third party. But even a comprehensive two wheeler insurance cover does not promise you 100% coverage. To ensure you are fully covered against all the uncertainties, you can opt to enhance your comprehensive coverage with various add-ons.

Importance of two wheeler insurance add-ons

An accident can land you not only in huge financial trouble but also disrupt your peace of mind. But if you have supplemented your comprehensive two-wheeler policy with various add-ons then you can get additional protection that can provide you with better financial protection in case of accidents or any other mishap. By opting for an add-on, you can enhance the coverage of your base two wheeler plan by paying an extra premium. Though two-wheeler insurance add-ons are available at an additional premium rate, they are worth since they help you save a lot on your out of pocket expenses at the time of claim settlement.

The cost of add-ons offered with two-wheeler insurance varies and depends on the scope of coverage offered as well as the insurance company. The more the number of add-ons you opt to pay, higher would be the premium you are liable to pay.

You can supplement your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan by opting for the below add-ons.

Zero depreciation: Ideally, under a comprehensive insurance policy insurance company processes the claim amount after deducting the value of the depreciated parts. However, opting for a zero depreciation add-on helps as you get the entire claim as depreciation factor is not taken into consideration. It is important to know that this add-on cover does not provide coverage for the depreciated battery parts and tyres.

Emergency assistance cover: This add-on cover helps you with coverage of emergency breakdown issues such as tyre changes, duplicate key issues, fuel delivery, towing charges and others. For example, if you are riding your two wheeler and it suddenly gets damaged due to an accident, then with this cover, you can avail on site repair service and also free towing service, if required.

The above listed add-ons can certainly help you enhance the coverage of your two wheeler insurance policy and provide you an extended coverage. You can purchase the above two wheeler insurance add-ons from HDFC ERGO just by paying a little extra premium with your comprehensive two wheeler policy.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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