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Monsoon Survival Tips - How to keep your motorcycle smart and eco-friendly

Monsoon has finally arrived and like every year brought with it a series of challenges for the bike rider. Potholes, water logging, slippery roads, etc. all can cause serious damage to the motorcycle. But there is a way out. By adopting some simple tips like regularly servicing the bike, opting for necessary add-on covers like roadside assistance cover in your bike insurance policy, you can protect your two-wheeler this rainy season.

Here are a few tips, which will help you in preparing your motorcycle for monsoon rides.

  • Check the condition of the tyres
    To avoid the skidding of your motorcycle during the monsoon, your motorcycle tyres must have a grip over the wet surface. You must consider changing your motorcycle tyres if they are balding. Also, the pressure of your tyres would affect the grip. So, it is advisable to keep the PSI (air pressure) level a little lower than the level, which is recommended for dry road conditions.

  • Service the brakes
    The continuous and heavy water flow during the rainy season can cause damage to the brakes of your motorcycle. The brake pads can get jammed and rusty leading to the brakes being less responsive. While servicing your motorcycle, you must check the condition of the brakes. Also, you should check if the brake fluid of your motorcycle needs to be topped up before the rains start.

  • Keep the chains, hinges, and levers oiled
    Rainwater can cause rust to your motor cycle’s chains, hinges, and levers, which can cause restriction to the proper movement of your motorcycle. By oiling of these bike parts, free movement of these parts would occur and your motorcycle would be in good working condition. Moreover, the battery terminals can be coated with grease and this would prevent moisture from getting into these vehicle parts.

  • Clean the air filters
    Rains and moisture can lead to the blockage of the air filters. This would limit the passage of clean air through and can lead your motorcycle to jerk on the pulling of the accelerator. You must clean up the air filters regularly during the monsoons to avoid these problems.

  • Purchase a new battery in time
    For better performance of your motorcycle, you must replace your older battery with a new battery from a reputed company. It is advisable that you do this in time, especially if you have observed some signs of battery failure, such as the weak functioning of light or horn, slow start when the starter button is pressed, etc.

  • Wash the bike frequently
    The rainy season means wet mud, which would need frequent cleaning to ensure that it does not dry up and hinder in the functioning of the bike’s external parts. In addition to the cleaning of the tires, chains, air filters, etc. the headlights should also be regularly wiped to have safe rides during a heavy downpour. Cleanliness will lead to proper ventilation and smooth functioning of the batteries as well.

  • Renew your PUC certificate
    A pollution under control (PUC) certificate is mandatory for all vehicles including two-wheelers. This is done to ensure that harmful gases emitted by a motorcycle is within permissible limits. You can protect the environment during the monsoon by ensuring that two-wheelers emissions are under control by renewing your PUC certificate if it is about to expire.

  • Get add-on cover for your bike insurance policy
    Third-party bike insurance policy is mandatory for riding a motorcycle on Indian roads. However, a basic policy would only provide cover for any liabilities incurred due to loss/damage to a third party person or property. Add-on covers would help in increasing the scope of the coverage provided by your bike insurance policy. Some of the most popular add-ons, which you must include in your bike insurance are the Roadside Assistance Cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, Accessories Cover, Medical Cover, etc. These add-on covers would help you solve several issues caused during the monsoons.


Therefore, now you know that by regularly servicing and getting bike insurance policy add-on covers will ensure that your motorcycle remains in top shape and form throughout the monsoon. Follow these monsoon survival tips and keep your bike smart and eco-friendly!

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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