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How to protect your bike during lockdown?

Published on August 8, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

While you are staying indoors due to the lockdown implemented to stop the further spread of the coronavirus, there is something that needs your attention i.e. your bike. As you are unable to go out, you are not using your bikes and thus, the cleanliness and maintenance of your bike should not be ignored to ensure it is in a perfect state to drive again. You need to also take care that your bike insurance cover documents are kept safe and its renewal is not missed.

Let us have a look at some of the most effective tips by which you can keep your bike strong and sturdy.

Cleaning Tips

  • Parking on the center stand or on a paddock stand
    When your bike is parked on the center stand or the main stand, it becomes easier for you to clean your bike. In case, your bike is parked on the side stand and you are cleaning your bike, it might fall and get damaged. Even though you have a bike insurance cover you should not take this risk unnecessarily. Moreover, by parking your bike on center or paddock stand, the fluids of the bike would remain at a uniform level and this would reduce the chances of rusting. In case your bike is parked on the side stand, the fluid would accumulate on one side and when kept like this for long can cause rusting and would wear out the seals.

  • Cover your bike
    You must cover up your bike when it is parked. During these times of lockdown, when you are not going to ride your bike frequently it is advisable to cover it up. By covering your bike, you are ensuring that the bike is kept protected from rain, bird droppings, dust or dirt. Also, it would be kept away from the direct eyes of the thieves.

  • Use of sponge and right shampoo or soap
    For cleaning your bike, you must use a sponge or a soft cloth dipped in a soapy liquid to clean the painted parts of the bike. Also, you can use a toothbrush to clean those parts of your bike, which are very tight and tricky. You should also ensure that you are using the right shampoo or soap for cleaning your bike as the use of detergents can affect the lustre of your bike.

  • Proper parking spot
    Since you would not be your bike for a long duration, it is essential to choose the right parking spot. Your bike would stay secured if it is parked under a roof as this will protect it from getting exposed to bird droppings and dust. Therefore, by parking your bike in a properly covered spot, the damage caused by the external environment would reduce drastically. Moreover, avoid parking in secluded or open areas to prevent the threat of bike theft.

Maintenance tips

  • Proper lubrication
    Lubrication of the parts is vital when the bike is stationary for long. You must lubricate the chains, cables, suspension, fasteners and springs of your bike at least once in a week.

  • Disconnect the electricals
    Since the lockdown would create a longer period of inactivity for your bike, you should ensure that the bike's batteries and other electricals are disconnected from the source. However, if you are not planning to do this then you must keep your bike's engine idle every 3-4 days for the protection of the batteries. By this your bike's battery would be charged, fluids would be circulated throughout the system and your battery would be juiced up.

  • Tire pressure
    There might be some hours of relaxation during the lockdown within which people would manage to obtain their basic commodities. You can try to take your bike for checking the tire pressure, add fuel, and fill air pressure, if necessary. If you have the arrangements or mechanisms to get this done at home, then it would be even more helpful thus, preventing the need to go out while lockdown.

  • Movement by applying brakes
    You can try to move your bike to and fro for around 2 to 5 metres by gently applying the front and rear brakes. Moving the bike would help in the removal of pressure from one part of the tire alleviating the chances of flat-spotting and would keep the axle and bearings working. The use of brakes would keep the working of the braking system functional.

  • Documents of bike and bike insurance policy
    In addition to the cleaning and maintenance tips, it is essential for you to remove your bike's documents from beneath your rider's seat, if kept there and store them safely in your cupboard. Amidst the lockdown and social distancing, it is quite natural to lose track of your bike insurance policy renewal. You should keep a track of your insurance renewal date and get your insurance renewed to avail of the bike insurance cover.


So, these basic tips would help you to keep your prized possession in great condition so that you can have a thrilling bike ride after the lockdown is lifted and things are back to normal.

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