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How to Clean and Lubricate Your Bike’s Chain?

Published on May 19, 2020, EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Changing the engine oil and buffing up your motorbike from the outside is not the only thing you can do to ensure the health of your two-wheeler. Understanding the techniques to clean and lube the chain is an important step to ensure top-notch quality. The process is pretty simple and these easy to apply methods can go a long way in keeping your bike in good shape. This way, if you need atwo-wheeler insurance plan, you will be able to create a strong case for eligibility. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to clean and lubricate bike chains: 

Understand your chain

Not every bike chain is same. While a simple motorcycle chain comprises metal-on-metal links, lacking seals in between, the sealed motorcycle chains - the Z-ring chains, X-ring chains and O-ring chains have a rubber seal in between the links to keep the grease in and the grime out. The former requires a more aggressive form of cleaning due to the space in between where dirt and particles can easily settle and clog the functioning.

Spray the chain cleaner efficiently

The best way to ensure that each and every link in the chain is getting the attention it deserves is by using a spray chain cleaner. You can also use kerosene to dislodge the grime particles that might be stuck in between. Apply these cleaning agents generously on the chain and ensure that every inch is well-soaked and resting. Buying cleaning agents on a monthly basis is more feasible, rather than getting a new bike every year.  


Now, here is the hard and the messy part. As the chains are completely soaked, take a chain brush and start getting rid of the piled up dirt and grime that has loosened and come up as a result of the long soak bath. Many experts recommend using a three-way brush as it deeply cleans three of the four sides of the chain at once, making the process simpler. Why do you require this deep cleansing? It helps lubricants to stick effectively and offers your bike the much needed lubrication for that smooth ride. 

Dry it off

Drying off your motorcycle chain post a wash is as essential as soaking it, because a clean and dry surface complements a lube and allows proper adhesion. Do not rush with the drying process as you need the surface to be ready enough for the next process.

Lubricate the chain

A well lubricated bike ensures a sweet finishing to any ride and is very important to avoid nasty snags in between that can often lead to accidents. Lubrication is synonymous with a smooth and healthy bike that can be easily eligible for a two wheeler insurance plan, which you must have if you ride on busy streets. Now that your chain is clean and dry, it’s time to lubricate. Apply the lubricating oil to all four sides of the chain and ensure that it is properly put in place.

You are now ready to rev up that clean and beautiful speed monster. Drive safe and do not forget your helmet! 

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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