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How Does Motor Claims Work

Published on October 17, 2019. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Indian economy over the years has witnessed massive growth so has the aspiration of the people in the way they travel, two wheelers and cars have replaced train and bus as the preferred mode of transportation due to their comfort and safety features. However with rise in the number of vehicles plying on the road, there has also been rise in the number of accidents. Keeping this in view it becomes necessary for one to have a thorough understanding of claims procedure in event they are involved in an accident.

If you are travelling using a two wheeler or a car, you need to have a valid two wheeler insurance or car insurance at all times while driving, it is mandatory under Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 for all the motorists to carry them and produce them whenever demanded by a law enforcement official.

Motor insurance claims can be divided into three parts

  • Motor insurance claims for damages to your own car

  • Motor insurance claims for a third party claim

  • Motor insurance claims in event of theft

Let’s discuss the each of the claims procedure in brief

Motor insurance claims for damages to your own car

  • You will have to inform the motor insurance company and submit a duly filled claim form along with the needed documents before you send the car for repair, the form is available at motor insurer’s website and also at their offices. Also file FIR at the nearest police station

  • Surveyor will be sent by the motor insurance company to assess the damage, who will prepare a report, the surveyor will send the report to the insurer, you would receive a copy of the report, in events of severe damage, the surveyor is sent to the spot of accident at the earliest.

  • Based on the report of the surveyor, you can arrange your car for repairing but only after the go ahead has been given by the police and the insurance company

  • You need to take all the signed documents from the garage and submit them to surveyor who in turn submits them to insurance company.

  • On verification of all the bills, the insurer reimburses you.

Motor Insurance Claim for Third Party Damage

  • You need to file a FIR at the nearest police station and also inform the insurance company at the earliest

  • If the third party has sent you a legal notice, submit the copy of notice to the insurance company.

  • You will have to submit Driving License, RC book, copy of FIR to the insurer

  • Insurer verifies your claim and documents and if found valid then they would appoint a lawyer to you

  • If the court adjudicates that you would have to pay the claim to the third party, then the insurer would then directly pay the fees to third party.

Motor Insurance Claim for Stolen Car

  • File an FIR at the nearest police station

  • Submit a copy of FIR to the insurer

  • Insurer will appoint an investigator to investigate the claim

  • Once the claim is approved, submit the RC book to the insurer, name of the owner would be changed to insurer

  • Submit the duplicate keys and the subrogation letter

  • Once these steps are completed, the insurer would disburse the claim

Cashless Claim Process

In a cashless claim process, the insurer has tie ups with authorized garages which are referred to as network garages. If you get the vehicle repaired at any of these authorized garages after an accident, then you does not have to pay any expense out of your pocket, the insurer would pay the repair expenses on your behalf.

  • As soon as your vehicle is involved in accident company file an FIR and inform the insurance company

  • In event of an major accident, the insurer will get the vehicle towed to the nearest authorized repair service center where inspection of the vehicle will be done but if the incident is a minor one then you would be needed to take the vehicle to the nearest authorized service center.

  • The garage would present an estimate for the repair work where the insurance company would examine the report and provide an approval for the repair work to begin

  • The garage then does all the repair work and sends the report to the insurer who then verifies all the report and the documents submitted

  • The insurer then initiates the claim process

  • Policyholder would have to pay the deductibles and the depreciation amount

  • Insurance company would then pay the remaining amount directly to the network garage

Unfortunate incidents like accidents can happen to any of us, the repair costs can be very high and can financially drain you placing you and your family under financial stress, therefore we need to understand the claim process and submit the required documentation within the specified time frame to avoid disappointment at the time of making claims.


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Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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