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Guide to Scooter Insurance

Popular for its safe riding mechanism and swift design, scooter has become w widely preferred mode of transport in both metros as well as rural regions. Riding scooter can give you an edge against chaotic traffic congested roads and the freedom to enjoy your journey. It helps save your time and money while travelling across the length and breadth of your city. It is apt for covering small distances however that doesn’t make it lesser probable to accidents and road mishaps. Please know that India accounts for highest number of road deaths in the world, according to Geneva based International Road Federation (IRF). Hence, it’s important to ride safe and insure your scooter so as to be prepared to deal against the legal liabilities and damages caused.

With the growing inflation, the cost of repair and labour costs are also rising high. Even small mishap can drain your finances; hence it’s advisable to opt for scooter insurance for total protection. HDFC ERGO has designed two wheeler policies in such a way that it gives you 360 degree coverage against accidents and its consequences. Let’s see what’s in store for scooter insurance.

Coverage offered by HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance

Own Damage Cover

This cover insures any financial loss arising due to damage or theft of the insured vehicle. The major scenarios are as mentioned below:

  • Loss or damage due to theft of insured vehicle

  • Loss or damage of the insured vehicle in case of accident

  • Loss or damage of the insured vehicle due to natural disaster

Third Party Cover

This cover insures any financial loss arising due to damage or theft of the insured vehicle. The major scenarios are as mentioned below:

  • Insures any financial loss arising due to injury or death of a Third Party caused in the case of accident of the insured vehicle.

Benefits offered for issuing scooter insurance online

HDFC ERGO provides you with the option of buying a two-wheeler policy up to period of 3 years. The major benefits of buying a long term two wheeler Insurance policy are as follows:

  • Long term protection in a single policy

  • Purchasing a long term policy gives you a break from the hassle of annual renewals

  • Save on annual third party premium increase by buying long term policy

  • The third party premium may increase as per regulatory guidelines every year, by buying long term policy, the Third Party component of your premium gets fixed at the current rate resulting in effective saving overall during subsequent years.

  • Benefit and Protection of NCB discount

Scooter insurance renewal

Buying or renewing scooter insurance online can be done at your fingertips just click here “Renew Scooter Insurance”. Choose a long term comprehensive plan or multiyear third party liability only and quit the renewal worries and stay protected for a longer duration.

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