4 Benefits of Getting Scooter Insurance Online

Keeping in mind the heavy traffic congestion in metro cities, a scooter is probably the best way to commute around the narrow roads. You can quickly finish off your grocery shopping and reach office ahead of everyone just because you own a scooter. Designed for ease, comfort and storage, a scooter is by far a very popular mode of commutation amongst the women. Men too love riding scooter along the crowded roads with utmost ease; it offers a safe ride as well. However, just like our scooter does a lot for us and helps we beat the chaos; it’s time to give back by buying scooter insurance for your little vehicle.

Do not procrastinate before buying scooter insurance

Just like your bike and car requires an insurance coverage, similarly scooters too require a similar coverage against possible risks.  It has fewer wheels that don’t make it a lesser prone to accidents. Considering the latest statistics of 2016 issued by ministry of roadways, two wheelers have faced higher number of accidents as compared to other vehicles. Hence, it is equally important to buy a scooter insurance policy. Your scooty deserves two wheeler insurance by HDFC ERGO for all round protection.

HDFC ERGO offers two wheeler insurance for scooters, let’s take a look at the coverage, benefits and exclusions. We at HDFC ERGO offer a wide array of coverage for your scooter.

Types of Two wheeler insurance for Scooter

Third party liability Only & Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

While buying scooter insurance online, always remember that third party liability is a mandatory cover as per the motor vehicles act. One cannot ride a scooter without buying a third party liability only policy, which covers legal liability for injury, death, owner driver & optional personal accident cover for Pillion passenger, and/or property damage caused to a third party in the event of an accident.

However, this cover is not enough and you must always go for comprehensive long term cover to get an umbrella protection for your scooter. While deciding to buy insurance policy for scooty, always opt for comprehensive cover as it covers damages caused to your scooty in case of an accident, natural calamities or act of terrorism. It also offers coverage for total or partial loss due to natural calamities, fire perils and theft. Along with own damage cover, it gives a personal accident cover for the owner or driver for accident caused involving the insured vehicle. The owner or driver is insured for Rs. 1 lac to cover for accidental death or total disability scenarios. Along with these coverage, it offers third party liability as well, isn’t it a complete protection for your scooty.

The premium price for scooty insurance under comprehensive long term would be a little more than third party liability, but it also offers a wide coverage to protect your finances in case of an accident. Long term comprehensive plan relives you from renewal worries and insures your scooty completely.

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