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All You Need to Know about Emergency Roadside Assistance For Bike

Riding your bike is an exhilarating experience. Owning a two-wheeler gives you the freedom of movement without depending on public transportation. Whether it is taking an adventurous ride on off-roads or your daily commute to the office, your bike is an excellent mode of travel.

However, riding your bike is vulnerable to possible accidents. Similarly, natural disasters such as rains or floods may damage your two-wheeler. Potential damage to life or property of third parties puts you at great risks. Paying for these damages and liabilities may require shelling out huge amounts from your pocket leading to financial difficulties.

To avoid such possibilities, it is recommended to avail of a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage. Although only a third party insurance coverage is mandatory, opting for a comprehensive cover is advisable.

HDFC ERGO’s comprehensive two-wheeler insurance offers the following coverage:

1. Own damage cover

  • Financial losses due to theft of the insured bike

  • Loss or damage in an accident

  • Any damage or loss resulting due to natural calamities

2. Third party cover

  • Legal liabilities due to injury, death, or permanent total disability to the third party

  • Damage to third party property

3. Personal accident cover

  • Available for owner or rider up to INR 1 lakh to cover death or total disability

In addition to the aforementioned coverage, you may opt for add-ons such as Zero Depreciation Cover and Emergency Road Assistance. Below are five features of the bike roadside assistance add-on.

1. Minor repairs

If your bike breaks down due to an electrical or mechanical fault, it may be repaired at the immobilized location. However, such repairs are carried out only if these are done within 60 minutes. Generally, the cost of replacement materials is not covered.

2. Keys replacement

If you lose the keys of your bike, the insurer will arrange for duplicate keys to your location.

3. Battery jump-start and towing

In case the bike does not start due to draining of the battery, jump-start facility is available under the 24x7 roadside assistance. However, if your two-wheeler does not start or on-site repairs are not possible, it will be towed to an approved garage or workshop in close vicinity.

4. Fuel delivering and emptying tank

In case your bike runs out of fuel, HDFC ERGO delivers up to five liters of fuel (petrol or diesel). However, the cost of the same must be borne by you. Furthermore, if the tank is filled with the wrong kind of fuel, the insurer bears the cost of using a trained technician to empty the tank. If this is not possible, the bike will be towed to the nearest location.

5. Tire change

If the tire is punctured or bursts, HDFC ERGO arranges for the spare tire change at the immobilized location. In case the spare tire replacement is not possible, your bike is towed to the closest repair shop. However, the cost of repairing the tire at the workshop is not covered under the roadside assistance for two-wheeler and you will have to pay for the same.

When you avail of this feature, you must remember that the territorial scope is limited to 50 kilometers from the place of breakdown to the closest vendor or city. If any service is required beyond this radius, additional charges will be applicable.

Buy the Emergency Road Assistance add-on to enjoy a complete peace of mind the next time your bike breakdowns midway.

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