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9 Tips to Reduce Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

A bike or two-wheeler is an important mode of transport in India. It can move through busy and narrow roads easily and helps beat the traffic chaos, which adds to its popularity. Also, two-wheelers are economical and their insurance plans are affordable. While having a basic two-wheeler insurance policy is enough to avoid legal issues, a comprehensive plan is a better option. You can also choose the necessary add-on covers for extensive coverage. However, you must also ensure that your two-wheeler insurance premium amount does not burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some tips that can help.

Tips to reduce the two-wheeler insurance premium

  • Compare different insurance plans: Before you purchase two-wheeler insurance, check the plans offered by the leading insurance companies. Shortlist a few and compare them by visiting their respective websites. Check the inclusions, exclusions, add-on covers, benefits, premium payment channels, and more. You can also request for premium quotes and select a plan that offers the coverage you desire at an affordable rate.

  • Choose a long tenure for the policy: While you have to renew a car insurance policy every year, you can take bike insurance with tenure of up to 3 years. The advantage of opting for long policy tenure is that the premium amount remains fixed throughout.

  • Select important add-on covers only: When you are choosing add-on covers for your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, select important ones only. Choosing unwanted ones will only increase the premium amount.

  • Do not raise small claims: If there are any small claims, avoid raising them to benefit from the no-claim bonus. Insurance companies offer no-claim bonus discount on the premium amount if you do not raise any claim during the policy period.

  • Secure your bike with anti-theft devices: Install an anti-theft alarm, gear lock, and other anti-theft devices to reduce the premium amount. When you install these devices, it shows you want to keep your two-wheeler safe. However, make sure the anti-theft devices are approved by ARAI or Automotive Research Association of India to enjoy a discount on the premium amount.

  • Remember to renew the policy on time: If you want to avoid a higher premium amount, make sure you renew your two-wheeler insurance policy before the completion of its tenure. This keeps your accrued benefits intact and saves you from unnecessary hassles.

  • Opt for the same insurance company: Have you taken home, health, travel, and other types of insurance from a particular insurance company? If yes, buy two-wheeler insurance from the same insurer. You can use the accumulated loyalty points and get a good discount on your bike insurance premium.

  • Pay higher deductibles: When you raise a claim, your insurer pays a part of the bike repair cost and you pay the remaining amount. This amount is known as a deductible. If you choose to pay a higher deductible, the insurance premium amount reduces.

  • Ask for discounts: When you are buying or renewing your bike insurance plan, you can ask the insurance agent for a discount on the premium. This can be an age-related discount, long tenure plan discount, and more.


So you now know that there are simple ways by which you can reduce the premium amount of your two-wheeler insurance. Follow these tips to get a two-wheeler insurance policy with the right add-ons at the best possible premium.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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