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7 motorbike hacks for a smarter and safer ride

Motorcycles are economical, fuel-efficient, and perfect for navigating busy roads. While a two-wheeler is one of the best inventions of the automobile industry, but riding a motorbike brings with it a set of challenges. Apart from taking the necessary safety measures, make sure you buy the right bike insurance policy to avoid financial woes in case of an accident. If you are looking for extensive coverage, you can choose comprehensive bike insurance with the necessary add-ons. You can also follow these simple bike hacks for better safety and convenience.

Important bike hacks for avid riders

  • Wear gloves: If your palms get sweaty and slippery on warmer days, wear gloves for a better grip on the handlebars. While leather gloves are a great option for everyday use, keep plastic surgical ones handy for the rainy season. Wear them under the leather gloves to keep your palms dry.

  • Use a can on slippery surfaces: A bike is heavy and should be parked on a solid surface, like concrete. However, there may be times when you have to park it on mud or grass and this can be tricky. In such situations, use a soft drink can, to park the bike. All you need to do is centre your bike’s side stand on it. This will keep the stand and your bike upright.

  • Keep ties or ropes for the luggage: If you have to carry luggage on your bike, but there are no anchor points to strap the luggage, use strong cords or heavy ropes. You can loop them under the bike’s seat and tie the luggage to prevent them from falling.

  • Keep baby wipes handy: When you have to clean your bike, helmet, and riding gear quickly, use baby wipes. They are easy to carry, economical, and perfect for maintaining your prized two-wheeler and its accessories.

  • Use magnetic tape: Today , we commonly use Google Maps for driving directions. However, when you are travelling to a remote region and are doubtful about the internet connection, write the directions on a paper before embarking on the journey. Stick this paper on your bike’s metal tank with magnetic tape. This old-school trick may save you from taking the wrong route.

  • Do not use the front brake first: While riding a bike, there will be times when you have to pull the brakes suddenly. However, never use the front brakes first. When you slam the front brakes hard while speeding, the brakes will get locked and you may be thrown off the bike. Hence, be attentive and use the rear brakes first.

  • Grab important bike accessories: A motorbike hardly offers any protection in case of an accident. Hence, wear a helmet, leather gloves, anti-slip shoes, jacket, and more for better safety and comfort.


These easy to follow hacks go a long way to make your ride safe and secure. Keep these in mind when stepping out for a bike ride. Also, make sure you have the right bike insurance to cover your two-wheeler against accidents, natural calamities, theft, and more. Comprehensive insurance with the right add-ons like roadside assistance will protect you in case your two-wheeler breaks down.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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