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5 Things to Remember Before Modifying Your Two-wheeler

Published on June 19, 2020, EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Bikes are beautiful.They help us wade through massive traffic jams with ease,require smaller parking spaces,are fuel-efficient,and extremely affordable.People of all genders are equally fond of two-wheelers.However,there is always an urge to amplify its performance or enhance its looks and give it a signature touch.Therefore,we often notice bikes whose looks have been modified to make them more impressive.But,before you follow the trend,do you know that even the slightest change can affect your bike insurance premium?Well,here are five things you must keep in mind before getting your bike customized to reflect your personality.

1. Modifying the performance: These modifications are made to enhance the performance of the bike.These could lead to more speed,better handling and balance,and better fuel efficiency.But these changes also increase the chances of accidents and excess wear and tear,and that’s a matter of concern for the insurer.To cover the additional risk and lower its losses in case of an accident,your insurance company may hike your premium.They can scrap the policy altogether as well if they find the modifications to be too risky.

2. Modifying the looks: Changing the visual appeal of a bike might look like a harmless exercise,but it too can get your premiums to shoot up as a stunning-looking bike is more prone to theft.When aesthetic value increases,the market value of your bike also goes up,and so does the premium.Even certain external fittings like luggage carriers increase the value of the bike and in turn,the premium rates.

3. Modifying the security: Not every change leads to a rise in the premiums.When you invest money in the security of the bike,by let’s say,installing an anti-theft device or an upgraded braking system,you are actually lowering the risk element for the insurer and you can ask for discounts on the premium from the insurance company.

4. Consult with the insurer: Every insurer has different terms and conditions,and therefore,you should check with the insurer before you modify your two-wheeler.Once you know the new premium,you will be better placed to decide if the modifications are worth the additional premium cost.You can also consider changing the insurer if someone offers a better deal.However,if the insurer is not aware of the modifications,it can nullify your policy when the changes are discovered.

5. Follow the law: If you are really sure about making some changes,the safest way to do it is by seeking proper approvals.The Motor Vehicle Act puts certain restrictions on the modifications and you must check them out to know what’s acceptable and what’s not.Also,the new modified parts should be approved by the ARAI(Automotive Research Authority of India)as without any approval,your bike might get listed as illegal.If you don’t follow the rules about modifications,you stand the risk of getting your vehicle registration cancelled.

A two-wheeler can be the owner’s prized possession and he/she might want to introduce a few changes to lend the bike a more personalized look and feel.However,the owner should also have knowledge about the impact of any modification on the two wheeler insurance plan and then make decisions accordingly.To know more on the factors that affect bike insurance click here. These changes need to be informed to  the insurer so as to ensure smooth claim process.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only.For more details,please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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