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5 reasons why your vehicle will always be your BFF

Published on August 8, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN

Owning a car not only boosts your socio-economic status, but also offers the convenience of commuting without depending on public transport. With the help of a car or two-wheeler, you can travel over both short and long distances effortlessly. And this holds true even if you have some luggage with you or are accompanied by kids. Therefore, your car or bike is not only an important possession, but also your best pal who makes your life easier. Here’s a look at the advantages of owning a vehicle and why you should get a motor insurance .

1. It saves your time and energy:
Your vehicle is more like a helpful friend that makes commuting easy and comfortable for you and your loved ones. When you own a vehicle, you can step out at any time, without worrying about the possibility of getting a bus, auto or taxi. Whether you want to visit a nearby store or go on a weekend getaway, you can use your car or two-wheeler on your own terms.

2. Keeps your family secure and comfortable:
If you have kids and elderly family members, having a personal vehicle is one of the safest modes of transportation, especially during this pandemic. You can drive the kids to school and take the elderly for routine checkups without compromising social distancing, which is inevitable in public modes of transport.

3. It is a safe and reliable option:
Best friends are dependable, and so is your vehicle. With your car or two-wheeler, you can commute within the city or outside as per your need. It is also much safer when compared to public transportation. This is because a personal car has many safety features, such as airbags, collision detection, lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and safety belts. Apart from this, it is better maintained and promises a comfortable ride every time. You can also check the crash-test safety ratings of your vehicle to know more about its safety.

4. Saves you from untimely expenditures:
If you have the right insurance for vehicle, you need not worry about unexpected expenses in case it meets with an accident or suffers damage due to natural calamities. Some plans also cover all medical expenses related to a car or two-wheeler accident. There are different types of motor insurance plans available these days, such as collision coverage, liability coverage, personal injury coverage, uninsured motorist protection, and so on. You can study each plan carefully and choose the one that best matches your requirements, or go for comprehensive coverage.

5. Makes transportation of heavy items easier:
When you are buying monthly groceries or other heavy items, your car or two-wheeler can save you from the hassle of carrying multiple heavy bags from the store to your home. They make your job easier and also prevent muscle sprain, strain, and injury.

All in all, your vehicle is not only your prized possession, but also your BFF that makes commuting safe, easy and comfortable. Fuel-efficient vehicles are especially cost-effective and reduce your dependence on public transportation. And, thanks to motor insurance, you need not worry about unexpected expenditures in case your vehicle meets with an accident or undergoes any damage due to fire or a calamity. Remember that periodic maintenance and the right coverage will go a long way in protecting your car or two-wheeler.

Mukesh Kumar | Motor Insurance Expert | 36+ years of experience in insurance industry

A veteran in the insurance industry, Mukesh Kumar has the expertise of handling various functions like Business Development, Underwriting, Claims, Human Resources, Quality Management and Marketing. With rich knowledge of the industry, he loves to share his views on topics of insurance sector and takes special interest in educating people on advantages of having insurance.

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