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Why Insurance is Necessary Even for Domestic Travel ?

Travel insurance is designed to meet the specific needs of travelers in case of an unanticipated situation. It protects them from financial losses in case of a medical emergency, death, lost passport or baggage and other such situations. If you are traveling abroad, travel insurance becomes more or less necessary because many of the countries make it mandatory to have travel insurance. While traveling internationally, travelers make sure that they buy travel insurance but in the case of domestic travel, most people do not go for travel insurance. However, for domestic travel, insurance is as necessary as international travel insurance.

Whenever or wherever you travel, your mind starts to imagine happy experiences but in reality, things can sometimes get complicated and unwanted. Travel insurance not only covers you but also covers your belongings. If something unpredictable happens on your trip, whether it is a domestic or international trip, insurance can bring some comfort and make the process of handling emergency hassle-free. Let us have a look at why insurance is necessary even for domestic travel:

Domestic travel insurance becomes extremely important in some cases such as:

Cancelation of trip: Most people these days prefer to book their tickets, hotels, cabs in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle. If you fall sick or there is some unforeseen situation, travel insurance covers you and offers you refund of your trip cost.

Loss of luggage: The likelihood of loss of luggage in domestic flight is as high as in an international flight. But an insurance policy can protect you against that.

Medical emergencies: Domestic travel insurance also covers medical treatment, evacuation, and personal accidents.

What Domestic Travel Insurance Offers:

Medical or accidental cover: Medical emergencies including accidents or other health issues are also taken care by travel insurance. This feature is very useful for people who have no or limited medical cover.

Flight cancelation or delay: When your flight gets delayed or cancelled, it not only causes inconvenience but can also be a costly affair if you miss the connecting flight or hotel accommodation. Travel insurance compensates you for the delays or cancelation.

Loss of baggage: If you have a fear of loss of baggage in transit then travel insurance can be an option for you. Though most of the airlines have compensation policies for loss of luggage, this may not be sufficient to cover the cost of your belongings. Travel insurance offers you a complete cover in case of loss of luggage.

Personal liability: This is quite a new introduction by insurance companies. This feature offers coverage against accidental damage to other people’s property. It is ideal for those who are traveling with kids, as being naturally curious, children can often damage the property of others.

You can get various options in travel insurance such as one time travel, frequent travel, etc. You can select the options which suit your requirements best. For example, if you are going on a short holiday, then you do not require long term travel insurance. On the other hand, if you are a frequent traveler, then long term travel insurance will be a better option for you.

As international trips are more expensive, travelers tend to buy travel insurance for the same. But unexpected expenses because of medical emergencies, accidents, trip cancelation, loss of baggage, etc. can cause frustration during domestic trips too. Domestic insurance is not a compulsion, but it can be of great help. So whenever you are traveling within the country, do not forget to buy pocket-friendly travel insurance. A little investment in travel insurance can save you huge amounts of money in case of a sudden unfavorable situation.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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