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Why an Overseas Travel Insurance is must

Travelling is something that is enjoyed by everyone. But travelling overseas usually means that one is entering a new and unknown land where may be the language is different etc. If in such a new land, one comes across problems like loss of baggage, robbery, health problems etc. then the travel insurance comes to your rescue. While one is on a trip it is good to hope that your trip proceeds as expected and planned, but it is not necessary that it will.

Out of India the expenses like medical , stay etc. s are higher than that within India. Thus, if one is traveling overseas, then having the travel insurance can protect the insured against such unexpected expenses. If one is injured due to the accident or falls ill during the trip then the expenses of the medication as well as for hospitalization or emergency evacuation is paid partly or fully(this will depend on the policy coverage offered) by the travel insurance company and thus less burden on the insured.

"Expect the best but be prepared for the worst"

By buying a travel insurance policy one is being prepared for the worst. Owning a travel insurance policy provides mental peace to the insured which is the main reason why one wishes to go on a holiday. Travel insurance company also provides the insured with the help line number which is available 24 * 7. Whenever the insured is in any problem while he is travelling then he can call on the helpline number and ask for help and assistance. So even in unknown place one can get a feeling of safety.

Also there are provisions for providing financial help upto some limit immediately in case the insured needs money. One can buy travel insurance policy from anywhere and anytime even after embarking on the journey. Travel insurance policies can be bought online as well as offline. But now -a -days more and more people prefer buying the travel insurance policy online as it saves on time which provides you with more time for the preparation of your trip.

Note: Lot of repetition on the info, also there is already an article in our section which highlights the need for travel insurance

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