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Where to get travel Insurance for Schengen Visa?


While traveling abroad, one should keep in mind that unexpected costs may crop up. Hence, applying for a Travel Insurance for yourself and your family should be your priority while traveling abroad. Even if it is for a vacation, one should not rule out the possibilities of emergency situations.

The idea of an international travel insurance is covering the medical expenses in case of injury or sickness during the trip. The choice of overseas travel insurance is completely personal. This depends upon one’s capability of spending in case of emergency and the country that one is visiting.

A travel insurance does not only cover medical expenses but also helps during unexpected events such as loss of luggage, last minute flight cancellation, accommodation issues, and other such unforeseen events. A travel insurance typically covers the exact number of days that you spend in the international territory. A Schengen visa insurance can either be purchased online or through banks or even a travel agency.

Who should buy a travel insurance for Schengen visa?

Anyone who wishes to travel to Schengen countries requires a visit visa. This could include an individual or family for vacation or on a business trip. The Online Travel Insurance comes in handy for elderly people who already have a medical condition but have to travel for various reasons.

Some helpful tips for Schengen Visa:

  • When purchasing your travel plan, make sure that your upcoming travel package does not already cover the travel insurance and other international emergency costs.
  • If it does not cover the international costs, make sure to check the limitations and restrictions of the travel insurance policy. You do not want unwelcome surprises if you land in an unexpected situation abroad.
  • If you plan to travel by road in a Schengen country, you do not want to pay hefty amounts on the road in case of unexpected accidents. Hence, make sure that your international travel insurance covers all the health-related worries and also for valuable possessions..
  • If you plan to travel to a country which has some well-known allergies and disease season coming up, ensure that your travel insurance covers them. Do carry your medical file and some prescribed medicines to keep the disease at bay.

Things that are excluded or optional in travel insurance of Schengen visa?

Different international travel insurances cover different requirements. Make sure the one that you purchase fulfills all your needs.If that does not happen, some insurances do cover your requirements for an additional cost.These include the following requirements as below:

  • Travel to high-risk countries
  • Pre-existing conditions like Asthma, diabetes and other diseases.
  • Skiing, Scuba diving, and other such sports which have an element of risk.
  • The sudden occurrence of any pre-existing conditions without any prior warning.
  • Policies come excluding the expenses of injuries incurred if entering a country ravaged by civil war.
  • The duration of the "Travel Insurance varies from policy to policy. Hence, if you plan to extend your stay, make sure you clear the terms and conditions of the international travel insurance that you are choosing.

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