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What to Do If You Lose Your Passport While Traveling Abroad ?

You might say that you will be careful and would not let such a situation arise but losing a passport is more common than you can imagine. Especially, with an increasing number of thefts in tourist spots, this can be a big issue. Ruined holiday, unnecessary hassle, and additional expenses are just some of the terrible things that can happen when you lose a passport.

In this article, we have listed down steps you need to do in case you lose your Indian passport abroad -

File a Police Complaint and Get a Copy of Police Report

Regardless of the country you are travelling to, it is advisable to go to the nearest police station and file a complaint as soon as you realize that a theft has occured. You will receive a copy of the police report. Keep that report with you all the time as it serves as proof regarding the loss of your passport. Also, this police report copy will be handy when applying for a new passport.

Contact the Indian Embassy

The next essential step is to visit or contact the Indian embassy and inform them about the stolen passport. Indian embassies abroad are there to help citizens who are stuck abroad or facing any problem such as a lost passport. You can find the closest embassy by visiting the given link:

Indian Missions Abroad

Do not forget to get their contact number and email ID for further communication.

Apply For a New Passport or Emergency Certificate

If you have lost your passport abroad, there are two ways you can return back to India -

By applying for a Replacement Passport

You can apply for a replacement certificate through the nearest Indian embassy. They will send your application to India where your passport will be printed. It will then be sent to the embassy or consulate you have applied at. All this will take a minimum of 1 week, until which you will have to stay in the country you have travelled to.  Documents needed for passport re-application, include:

  • Copy of lost passport (front & back pages)

  • Copy of passport lost/stolen police report

  • Passport size photos (4-6)

  • Copy of visa

  • Air tickets

  • Filled passport application form

By Applying for an Emergency Certificate

This is an authorization document issued by the Indian embassy to the citizens who have lost their passport and want to return back to India. If you do not want to wait around in a foreign land for a week, you can apply for this.

  • List of documents you need to apply for an Emergency Certificate includes:

  • Application by submitting an EAP-2 form

  • Passport size photo (4-6)

  • Copy of passport (front and back pages)

  • Police report concerning loss/theft of passport

With both the above options, you’d need to get your visa stamped again.

Claim Travel Insurance

If you are wise enough to have taken a travel insurance, you can redeem your insurance by filing a claim for loss of passport once you are back in India. Make sure you have police reports and other receipts related to the cost incurred handy with you, as proof.

Apart from the points mentioned above, it is always advisable to carry a photo copy of important documents along with valid travel insurance when travelling abroad.

These are a few inclusion exclusion of this policy, there are several more on the list which is mentioned on the brochure or policy wordings. 

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