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Waiting Period for Your Health Insurance Policy While Planning a Family

Someone truly said being a mother by giving birth to a new life is probably the best feeling ever, nothing can match up to this experience in life! It is indeed a moment to treasure and enjoy every bit of this beautiful phase of life. Before your little one enters this world with its tiny feet, it’s your duty to ensure everything is well-planned for him/her. When it comes to family planning, you have to ensure the mother’s health and your financial stability is sound enough to deal with the medical expenses. However, the rising expenses for child delivery can never keep you prepared enough.

As per the recent studies, it shows most of the mom-to-be opt for controlled birth under caesarean section as compared to vaginal or natural birth. Caesarean birth involves planned surgery, which means the expense to undergo a caesarean birth is more unlike normal birth where the baby is delivered as per the natural process. As wise parents-to-be, it’s important that you stay prepared a bit ahead of time to ensure your maternity and new born expenses get covered and you don’t have to shed much from your own pocket. Never to forget that all the insurance companies offer waiting period for health insurance, similarly maternity insurance comes with a waiting period too.

Know about maternity waiting period in health insurance policy

Waiting period on health insurance refers to the time span until which you cannot make any claims under maternity section. It is next to impossible to get a health insurance pregnancy cover no waiting period. Every health insurance has a minimum waiting period of 9-12 months. While buying policies for expecting moms always read about waiting period on health insurance and make an informed buying decision.

Types of Waiting Period Health Insurance Plans in India

In India several health insurance companies offer a wide variety of health covers with maternity insurance. Though you may actively look out for 9 month waiting period health insurance or 9 months waiting period for maternity health insurance, it is difficult to get a cover. Always plan 2-3 years in advance and buy a health insurance plan which offers a host of other benefits along with maternity cover, so that you keep yourself secured against all type of expenses till you plan for a baby. Also, look out for a cover in which your new born expenses are covered, so that you don’t have to spend additionally for treating your baby. Check Health Suraksha Gold Health Insurance plan by HDFC ERGO and get maternity cover well in advance.

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