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Travel Tips For Your First International Travel

The anticipation, the planning and the sheer ‘I simply cannot believe it’s happening’ factor are quite surely three of the things occupying your mind the most as you plan out your first international travel. Be it the beach side, mountains or skyscraper cities - the excitement is palpable. But to keep this excitement untainted, we need to rid ourselves of worries that can even slightly ruin the experience in any manner.


One way to ensure that the trip is going to be devoid of unnecessary bothersome thoughts hanging over our shoulders is to obtain a good international travel insurance from India so that your mind can fully focus on absorbing the wonderful moments and creating brilliant new memories.


So what can go wrong?

Many things can go wrong. You could lose your entire luggage, the flight may get cancelled, the hotels may have cancelled your bookings or the absolute worst - a medical emergency can occur. Here is where the role of a good travel insurance plan kicks in. Your losses, occurring in situations where you absolutely had no clue something of this sort would happen can leave you devastated. But having a feeling of security with the knowledge that at least financially you’re not going to be set back much will help you tide over the situation - that’s what obtaining a travel insurance plan is all about. Medical expenses abroad range to around 30000$ in the worst cases and a lack of insurance leave the international doctors’ hands tied as they cannot render their best treatments to you.


Get travel insurance (international) online now and gain protection for all these unfortunate situations and more right away.


Why Travel Insurance?
Like we said, your first international trip should be about the trip and you, not anything else. Hence obtaining a good travel insurance ensures that you and your family are insured of all losses. Now the last thing we want for our travel plans is for anything major to go wrong. Strike that. The last thing we actually want is to be unprepared when the worst does happen.


The Benefits
Some of the things that travel insurance takes care of include:


  1. Cost of hospital and treatment during medical emergencies, as well as travel and accommodation during the same
  2. Cost of dealing with family emergencies
  3. Reimbursements for travel companions’ travel expenses in case of emergencies that make them discontinue the journey
  4. Cost of cutting the journey short and returning home in case of emergencies
  5. Permanent injuries or death
  6. Disabilities occurring during travel that do not permit you to do your job and render you unemployed
  7. Thefts, liabilities and luggage losses


Getting an international travel insurance online is absolutely easy and takes no time. By securing your travel with a good insurance plan like HDFC ERGO’s, you are more than prepared to deal with any obstacles you come across during your journey.


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