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Travel Insurance for Flight Cancellations

Planned for an upcoming business trip or the much awaited vacations with family? What if your flight gets cancelled? Panic mode turned ON! With HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance you can stop fretting and get your flight cancellations covered. Promising coverage against flight cancellations, HDFC ERGO is aware about the plight customer faces and hence ensures a happy international trip for all its customers. You can buy travel insurance for flight cancellation and a lot more.

How do travel insurance plans work?

Travel Insurance plans are designed holistically to cope up with the emergencies that one might face during the course of travel or stay at an overseas destination. Usually people buy travel insurance to cover flight delays, loss of baggage and lost passport.

Flight related Coverage

A lot of queries such as does travel insurance cover missed flights? Or does travel insurance cover flight cancellation? Travel insurance aims at dealing with all the contingencies that you might face during the course of travel. Flight delays and flight cancellations are such scenarios wherein your travel itinerary may get hampered. While you might be looking best travel insurance for flight delays, it is recommended to look for other important features as well. Travel Insurance covers the expenses incurred for the time duration that you spend waiting for the flight. One gets reimbursement for the meals, refreshments and essential purchases depending upon the Sum Insured and policy coverage schedule. For flight cancellation usually the cancellation has to be due to a valid reason such as weather disturbances, terrorism activity or natural disaster.

When to buy travel insurance?

A lot of people often have queries like should i buy travel insurance before booking flight? Or can you buy travel insurance after booking a flight. In a nutshell, travel insurance has to be bought before commencing the journey or the trip. You can easily buy travel insurance before or after booking flight and secure your trip.

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