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Tips to Follow When Buying Travel Insurance for USA

The United States of America is a dream destination for many. While planning a trip to the States is fun, it is absolutely judicious to pick overseas travel insurance as it deals with any unanticipated costs and travel-related crises while helping you explore a new country. In the case that you encounter any issue without an appropriate insurance, it can eat into your savings considerably as the restorative expenses in the USA are extremely high, and this can upset your sightseeing plans.

Thus, it doesn't make a difference whether you are a single business traveller who frequents USA for work or a wanderer who appreciates new experiences with your family and friends– travel insurance is a must for all visitors going to the U.S. A.

Types of Travel Insurance

We at HDFC ERGO offer different types of travel insurance. Spending on travel insurance will save you from unanticipated occasions like lost passport or baggage, or sudden illnesses or even accidental deaths. A travel insurance plan might also protect you against threats and hijacking.

Now, there are four distinct kinds of travel insurances:

  • Excursion Cancellation Insurance
    Excursion cancellation insurance takes care of the expenses of a trip if a trip gets cancelled due to illness of a travelling member or a natural disaster. Inclement conditions that will be covered are explicitly mentioned, so read the insurance policy carefully.

  • Luggage Insurance
    If your carry-on or checked-in luggage gets lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, it can be distressing and costly. However, a travel insurance plan can cover your baggage in the occasion of such mishaps. This insurance is necessary as airlines usually don’t compensate you for this.

  • Urgent Medical Assistance
    Falling ill suddenly on a trip to the USA can be worrisome and if you don’t have a travel insurance that covers your medical costs, it can drain your finances as well. So, make sure your insurance covers hospitalization bills, offer daily cash allowance etc. Decide whether you need a Crisis Therapeutic Help inclusion – a rider to your policy. Note that pre-existing conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure might not be covered or come with clauses.

  • Sudden Demise Insurance
    Travel insurance from leading providers usually covers accidental deaths in a foreign country. So, when you are travelling to the States, opt for such a policy to protect yourself and family members against such an unfavourable situation. The insurance can at least help you deal with the situation monetarily.

Tips on How to Purchase Best Travel Insurance for USA

To make your USA trip worth the while, it's essential to purchase the best travel insurance plan. Below mentioned are a few tips for the same.

  • Continuously investigate the nuances of a policy
    Go with a policy that can cover greatest dangers with least prohibitions. Search for discretionary extra inclusions or add-on covers that the insurer might offer. Add-ons come in handy if you are planning to indulge in adventure sports or have a pre-existing disease.

  • Travel insurance plans can be advantageously analysed on the web
    Before you choose an insurance policy, make sure to go online and compare quotes from different providers. Analyse the inclusions they are offering as well as the exclusions involved. Remember that a policy with a very low premium might not cover you as much as you need.

  • Remember your travel propensities
    Consider factors like the number of times you travel every year, term of the excursion, the spots that you regularly visit during your trip and the reason for your trip, and so forth. When you realize your movement propensities well, you can choose a travel insurance plan for the USA appropriately.

A trip to the USA is enough to invigorate your soul and can be an exciting experience. But to avoid any unpleasant medical and non-medical issues, pick a suitable travel insurance policy at a premium that is easy on your pockets.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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